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Re: Confused IRL Trucker

#11 Post by flight50 » 07 Apr 2020 05:04

Agreed on the achievements, they are not a must. I am just saying some people care and go after them. Me, I'm like you. I accidentally get them. I can care less for the most part. I use to try when I first learned of them when I first started playing, but that faded. I rather just do the job I want and haul what I want on the route that I want.

Now if there were ever quest or missions, I'd probably take those a bit more seriously.

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Re: Confused IRL Trucker

#12 Post by akima » 29 Apr 2020 18:44

Trucker_71 wrote:
03 Mar 2020 17:42
I drove trucks for 45 years until I retired 7 years ago, been in every state of the lower 48 and most of the Canadian provinces. For the last 20 of those years I disliked the job, but I love driving the trucks. Now I can relax and enjoy the look and sound of the trucks, add bling or not, and generally do stuff with trucks that I couldn't in real life. ;)
Was it extra legal stuff, paper work and greater focus on being faster and doing more that led you to dislike the job? Those seem to be the things that have taken the pleasure out of many jobs these days.


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Re: Confused IRL Trucker

#13 Post by Fae » 05 May 2020 03:37

I can't speak for him, but I can say that the way that shippers and receivers treat drivers these days, as well as idiotic laws and regulations in place, that do make it VERY stressful at times to be a driver. For me, if I could change anything in the industry ... get rid of that bloody lunch break BS. Let me decide if I want to eat or if I want to keep driving. No, I can't drive for 11 hours without stopping, but I can make it with a few 5-10 minute stretch breaks along the way. But making me stop for 30 minutes for lunch along the way just makes me want to stop for the day. I'm one of those individuals that needs to keep doing my job until the end of my "shift" or I just want to shut down and rest for the day.

California ... their laws are enough to make any trucker hate the road most times. I see ATS players complain all the time about the 55 MPH speed limit. Think that's bad? Try dealing with the weigh stations, inspection points, and totally retarded merging laws (California is the ONLY state that gives the moron merging from an on-ramp the right of way over traffic already on the highway). Oh ... and toss in California's "Trucks have to stay in the far right lane only" crap and it's no wonder most sane truckers avoid going to that state.
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Re: Confused IRL Trucker

#14 Post by Trucker_71 » 05 May 2020 03:49

One time I picked up a load of carrots in Bakersfield, pulled out the loading dock to let the next guy in instead of sitting in the dock to update my log book. I parked on the road off in the dirt and weeds on the right hand side, shut the engine down and proceeded to update the log book. I was pretty much up against the fence on the right side and had at most half the width of my outside tires on the pavement. Shift change, this moron comes out of the packing house with a heavy foot while playing with his stereo and slams the left corner of my trailer with the right fender of his car. Turns out California thought I should be at fault, there were no no parking signs, I was parked with my engine off in the weeds with 6 inches of tire on the pavement and my four way flashers on.
It went to court but the Latino driver that hit me didn't show, I wonder why?
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Re: Confused IRL Trucker

#15 Post by akima » 05 May 2020 08:05

Thanks for those comments @Fae and @Trucker_71 . That's the kind of stuff I expected.

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Re: Confused IRL Trucker

#16 Post by Jagabom3 » 20 May 2020 02:17

I came from many years of flight siming. Got bored with it. This has renewed my interest in siming. Going to buy one last plane. Just Flights 747-100, my all time favorite aircraft.
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