Hazardous Materials & Railroad Crossings

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Re: Hazardous Materials & Railroad Crossings

#11 Post by supersobes » 10 May 2020 18:57

I did some digging in the older MUTCDs, and the 2003 edition has HM signs, but no HC signs. The 2000 MUTCD has only HC signs though. By the looks of it, this sign has been out of use for the past 17 years. Looking at the sign in Google street view, it is there in the oldest image from 2007, so it may have indeed been installed before 2003. The sign looks like it's nearing the end of its life as the colours are fading and cracking, so it will probably be replaced in the next few years. Maybe they'll bring the hazardous materials route sign up to standards when they do that.

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Re: Hazardous Materials & Railroad Crossings

#12 Post by TwinShadow » 11 May 2020 17:24

Ours are still rather pristine apparently, here's just one of them: https://www.google.com/maps/@32.6685559 ... 384!8i8192 (and this was just taken back in Feb, 2020)
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Re: Hazardous Materials & Railroad Crossings

#13 Post by Fae » 25 May 2020 23:08

supersobes wrote:
05 May 2020 19:07
@Fae Thank you for the information! :) I actually have a follow up question now. You mention that you don't turn off the engine because you may stall at a dangerous place. Is this the same reason why you should not shift gears when you're on the crossing?
I apologize as I've been crazy busy the last few weeks and am just getting around to responding. But in answer, yes, that is precisely the reason :)
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Re: Hazardous Materials & Railroad Crossings

#14 Post by plinio.lisboa.br » 01 Jul 2020 09:10


here you can have some interesting information for your curiosity about crossings in the United States and Canada

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