sharemods' ad methods

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sharemods' ad methods

#1 Post by Rumblebox » 28 Jul 2020 01:08

Don't know if theres a better place to write about this, if there is I'm sure the mods have a ruler ready to smack me with.

Consider it a rant. As with all rants theres probably something I'm missing. Whether I"m right or wrong, getting it off my mind is the objective.

Used to, downloading from sharemods was simple. They hosted some ads, nothing out of the ordinary. You got your mod and they got their ad revenue. For a while I even whitelisted the place on my adblocker.

But recently their ads are becoming more and more malicious. The entire download page is an ad link now, that will take you to who-knows-where.

The other day I was trying to download a tractor for Farming Simulator, what I got instead were 3 forced-open tabs of fake login pages. A tab full of porn ads with graphic content, a phony virus scan warning pretending to be Norton that kept asking to show popups, know my location, and ect. Only way I got out of that one was with Chrome's "Prevent this page from opening new dialogue" and a page that wouldn't load because it had too much junk coded into it.

I haven't gotten that kind of treatment since stopped caring what kind of content the ads were hosting. The difference being at least they make it clear where the adspace is and what will actually take you to your destination.

I've looked at the site with the panel viewer with adblock, and theres an invisible ad link button LITERALLY ON TOP of the download button, it starts at the top where you see the actual ad, and stretches into an invisible area that shrouds the green download button that sends you to another tab or 3. Only seems to disappear after a certain amount of third-party ad tabs have opened.

I finally got my mod but not without having to close about 30 tabs it forced me to open. I close them instantly with middle mouse button before they load.

Adblocker can't seem to knock them out either because trying to teach adblock plus to block them requires clicking them and they cause you to open a new tab which aborts the action. They're learning.

Fortunately I keep my browser in "save nothing" mode so no cookies or scripts get saved after I close the browser, which also weeds out the possiblity of an adware virus on my system (Malwarebytes Scan showed clean too); its that site.
I download from a lot of sites and never have this issue except on sharemods.

Problem is the amount of mods on it, because 90% of all mods I've ever gotten for ATS or ETS2 as well as Farming Simulator have all linked back to Sharemods, whom seem to have dropped their standards of who they let host ads.

I respect that a site has bills to pay, but using trick methods like invisible buttons that send me somewhere that might harm my computer is just betrayal, especially when you don't even give the requested file after even 3 of them. I've gotten to where I have to look and see if there are alternative filehosts when I find something I want or need.

I don't look at ads when they're there, how does me not looking at them give them money in the first place? How does me looking at them give them money? To them its all a flag on a computer code.

Makes me wish Steam had some integral kind of marketplace for such content similar to Facebook's.

Alright rant over.

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Re: sharemods' ad methods

#2 Post by FierbetoN » 28 Jul 2020 01:29

Sounds like you need a pop-up blocker for those tabs. I use one with an ad blocker and get my mods in no more than 2 clicks.

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