Detroit DD Series Engine Sounds

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Detroit DD Series Engine Sounds

#1 Post by supersobes » 04 Oct 2020 21:00

I have an interesting question about the Detroit DD series engines that are used in Freightliner and Western Star trucks. I've noticed that these engines have a particular sound to them that I haven't noticed from any other diesel truck engines. This sound is most notable right after the engine is first started, and it sort of resembles the sound of a computer hard drive. I was just wondering if anybody knows what this sound is? Below I have some video examples that show a Detroit DD13 in a Freightliner Cascadia and a Detroit DD15 in a Western Star 5700 being started up.

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Re: Detroit DD Series Engine Sounds

#2 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 04 Oct 2020 21:01

thats most likely the gearbox, or the pneumatic system, the same sound is also on the New Actros since 2019 at least

here you hear it on an actros
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