Wheel controller for Linux?

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Wheel controller for Linux?

#1 Post by PreAnomNex » 25 Jul 2020 16:30

I'm about 5 hours in and love this game. My only issue is steering control with the mouse - it's not reliable and stressful to hold steady.

Is there a basic steering wheel controller that works well with Linux?

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Re: Wheel controller for Linux?

#2 Post by zwede » 09 Aug 2020 02:39

The usual go-to wheel for Linux is the Logitech G29, although I haven't tried it with ATS.

For ATS I use a knock-off XBOX One controller made by PDP and love it. Left analog controller for steering and right for looking around. Gas & brakes on individual analog triggers. And it has enough buttons so I have shifting, lights, wipers, turn signals etc all on the controller. The controller was $25 so not much lost if you hate it. Oh, and xbox one controller support is in the Linux kernel so no drivers to fiddle with.

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Re: Wheel controller for Linux?

#3 Post by oldeschool » 23 Dec 2020 20:12

I use the Xbox flavor of the Logitech G920, works great including force feedback

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