What keeps you busy?

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What keeps you busy?

#1 Post by RTobi » 22 Oct 2017 20:43

You have to find ways to keep yourself busy in the vanilla game. Simple question, what are you doing to play this game so long in vanilla mode?

I'm currently still testing various types of trucks. I want to have at least one model of every truck in every possible cabin (+ wing or spoiler).
So for example I or will have a T680 day cab, day cab with the wing, regular sleeper, large sleeper. Or a 389 day cab, regular cab, large cab, large cab with a spoiler, large cab with a wing. Plus another one which has a mid-lift chassis.
Also creating a new truck whenever I want to test something different. Different chassis for example. Different style like old looking. Specifically use the trucks for certain jobs or companies only. I'm usually doing around at least 5,000 miles in every truck I buy. Still have to think about my final one, if I'm creating a "one truck for everything" or switch trucks from time to time. I was usually good with the "one truck" I then drove all the time.

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Re: What keeps you busy?

#2 Post by Jackrabbit_v6 » 25 Oct 2017 15:06

it´s not easy...luckily i own both ATS and ETS2 with all expansions, so i can switch, and i do alot...
Usually i´m just collecting all (halfway good looking) female drivers, let them level, reward the best ones with truck upgrades and keep doing that.... but there´s the issue with ATS at moment: there´s not enough job agencies yet :D

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Re: What keeps you busy?

#3 Post by FlyingPigeon » 12 Nov 2017 13:48

i has recently begun making a screenshot thread on this forum, it acctually keeps the vanilla game so much more interesting as each trip is transformed into a "story" as i go, taking pictures, wondering what text that go along with the picture. It has made my truck and game much more close than i thought in the begining, i would suggest it to others too, it keeps the game alive for me :D
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