Mods to Vanilla

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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#21 Post by cwat89 » 03 May 2020 16:38

I agree company skins make it more realistic. It would be nice to see them add the in game companies as skin options for trucks and trailers. For those that want to play as owner operators they should create fake DOT numbers and small company logos to be placed on the doors or sleeper as IRL and for ones that want to play as a company driver could have full skins.

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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#22 Post by ponstan » 04 Jun 2020 11:08

Although SCS is making great efforts, it will not be able to catch up and develop all the states even in ten years from now. Some of us may not be living until then. Take a look at how long we've been waiting just for the idaho dlc and still nothing. The map is getting explored quickly if you play regularly, so you should start a new game from scratch soon. Having explored about 75% of the map, (especially on days of confinement at home due to covid-19), I decided to install other map mods so the game gained interest again. Of course, I kept a profile with a pure vanilla game without any mods other than what scs itself gives.
Sorry for my english guys!
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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#23 Post by FirestormMk3 » 16 Jun 2020 04:40

Back in the early days of ETS2 I used a fair number of mods, but a lot of the ones I used actually got integrated into the game over time. Map expansions I used before an official one ever came out, air brakes needing to build up, realistic fuel consumption, actual licensed trucks (I used a mod to turn "Majestic" and "Ivedo" into the real thing before the actual license came through), and pretty recently even a rain mod I used all made it into the base game. These days I can count on one hand the number of mods I use, and I only consider two of them more or less essential. Shortly after ATS came out computer and life issues forced me to take a break for about two years from the games, so I never put as many mods in that game, and now as I'm coming back most of them are out of date and I had to find new ones, but I still only have 4 mods for that game I plan to run on restart and 2 of them are ATS versions of ETS2 graphics and lighting overhauls. The only other mods I run right now just put actual companies and appropriate liveries into the game in place of the placeholders like Walbert, as I do like the realism aspect, and tracking down replacements for those when I came back was much harder in ATS than ETS2 (which to my pleasant surprise actually had a BETTER version than the one that got discontinued in my absence right there on the Steam Workshop). It is those real company mods I would miss the most. It really does, more than I'd expect, take me out of the moment when I stop to fuel up at a Chemron instead of Chevron, you know? Those are probably the mods I'd go on break and wait to be updated.

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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#24 Post by plykkegaard » 16 Jul 2020 06:58

Started with ETS2 shortly after the release and gave up after a few months due to the very repetitive companies and cities it was very boring to find the same company asset in every city (almost)
Back in '14 I had longer period of convalescence and went back to ETS2 with map mods to pass the time rather than reading books :)
In the same period SCS has started adding Map DLCs and ATS was released
Today I am playing strictly vanilla in both games and the two truck simulators are the only games I'll ever play, I never buy anything but DLCs from SCS :D
Yes I might be adding skins of my own creation if I get some spare time
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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#25 Post by cwat89 » 28 Jul 2020 12:20

I play completely vanilla in ETS2 now. In ATS I still have a few carefully selected must have mods.

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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#26 Post by akima » 01 Aug 2020 17:11

Which ones? I'm curious.
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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#27 Post by cwat89 » 04 Aug 2020 11:12

@akima At first this list may sound like a lot for a main profile but I feel that all the ones I have are completely safe as all are from people that are active on this forum or beta testers.
4 of them are sound mods so honestly they could be grouped as one. All are on the workshop except one.

I use...

Icons! (Replaces the green floating icons)
Accessory parts for SCS trucks
Wind noise mod by Zeemod
Private sound mod for shifter
Detroit series 60 by Zeemod
3406e CAT engine by Zeemod
Real Eaton Fuller transmissions
Smarty’s wheel pack
SiSl mega pack only used for 1 item for W990
Harven's Kenworth W990 (beautiful well modeled truck)

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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#28 Post by cip » 04 Aug 2020 14:43

at every game version I give up to some modded trucks and other mods because it's too much to update :lol:
I cannot play however with some things:
1.default density
2.default traffic sounds motorcycles and other missing vehicles
4.default route advisor
therefore these are the first game sections in need for mod updates before playing a new game version. luckily that I am the mod author for the first 2 sections :lol:
if you look into my video you will understand (no worries, I am not an youtuber and I don't make hidden publicity to my channel)
for other mods although great mods, really amazing, like Harven and XBS classic trucks or Damian's graphics and weather mods, I could give up if I am forced to give up to mods one day but not at traffic and sounds :lol:
Enjoy driving with my Real Traffic Density for ETS2 and ATS
Enjoy listening my Real Ai Traffic FMOD Sounds for ETS2 and ATS
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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#29 Post by mira666 » 04 Aug 2020 16:39

Its a difficult one, been playing both games since within 6 months of release. Have played both with mods, although my main profile on both is vanilla.

Have played with pro-mods and various other maps, but dislike the fact that every time there is an update then need to work out what works and what doesn't. As others have said I do prefer the vanilla when it comes to updates and then playing straight away. Have a love for SiSL's trailer pack and cabin accessories.

Would I love for there to be real companies in game? and more accessories for cabins? of course, would I pay for it? certainly

But I am happily doing vanilla videos for YT, the more i don't play with mods the less I miss it
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Re: Mods to Vanilla

#30 Post by akima » 04 Aug 2020 16:41

@cwat89 - thanks for the list. More than I expected :P

@cip - i wish the base game was as alive as shown in your video. Looks really cool.

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