100 years of trucking series - Jack's Chrome Shop

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100 years of trucking series - Jack's Chrome Shop

#1 Post by Nic Kowalski » 03 Mar 2020 13:29

Hi all,
I recently found a series about American trucking made by the YouTube channel Jack's Chrome Shop, it's a collection of videos that starts from the 1920s and will go on till the present day. Not sure if it was already posted, if it was please forgive me (did a quick search on the forum and haven't found it), and I hope it can be of interest for you. Since I always like American trucks but I'm very far from beign an expert, I found it useful and interesting to watch.

Here's the link to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... UFBYvL0dav
The last episode, "Trucking in the 60s", was released recently.
That's all, happy trucking everybody!
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