Jan Vissers' Tiny Truck Tales

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Re: Jan Vissers' Tiny Truck Tales

#171 Post by Drive Safely » 02 Sep 2017 10:34

Nice story :)
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Re: Jan Vissers' Tiny Truck Tales

#172 Post by dreamcatcher » 05 Oct 2017 11:26

Interesting!Keep on Truckin ;)

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Jan Vissers' Tiny Truck Tales

#174 Post by BK Vissers » 12 Oct 2017 01:50

The Kid


What turned into an unusual drive began at the Darchelle vineyard...

Where is that container trailer?

For this trip I was taking a container filled with old oak barrels to a distillery. Some distilleries would age their whiskey or other spirits in former wine barrels to give a unique taste to their products. Look up Balvenie Sherry Cask if you’re curious.

Hitched up!

I like these short container trailers. Easy to maneuver, not very heavy, which my little Scot appreciates with its less than 300 hp motor. It was still hot outside, so I left my “new” air conditioning on and enjoyed the scenery in the dimming evening light.

Dry California

About an hour into my drive, I was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. All traffic behind me disappeared long ago leaving me alone on the road. Alone except for a kid walking by the roadside. What could he be doing out here on his own?

This is a strange place to be walking alone

It seemed somehow wrong, so I stopped to talk to him. He was reluctant at first, talking to a stranger, but when it started to rain, he became more willing and climbed into the cab. His name was John, he was 13, and he ran away from home. “Can I ride with you, Mister?” he asked. I nodded, and we began to roll.

No way am I leaving a child out here!

It was completely dark now, except when the lightning flashed. By the lights of the instrument panel and headlights, I let John have my sandwich. He was famished. The road was too twisty to not have both hands free anyway, I told myself.

Night Storm

I pulled off the road after a while for my break, and talked a bit to John.

Rest Break, and maybe a bit of information

He told me his mom and dad fought a lot, and there was always a lot of alcohol around the house. He wanted to reach his uncle’s place. He was a forest ranger and John wanted to spend some time with him. They got along well. I wasn’t sure how his uncle would feel about a teen kid showing up asking if he could move in.

A tragic story

After our chat during my break, we resumed driving, until I spotted a gas station. My fuel light was on; I was almost running on fumes so I filled the tanks, suggesting to the kid to use the pay phone to call and tell his mom he was ok. She had to be worried. He was reluctant but I gave him some change and told him regardless of how mad he was at his parents, it was the right thing to do.


We couldn’t go much farther; I was at the limit of my hours of service, so I found a decent-looking motel and got us a room with two beds. We watched TV a bit, but both of us were tired. Just before we slept, I did manage to extract from him a little about his call home.

“Mom answered and wasn’t really mad, she was just glad I was ok. But I could hear dad screaming in the background how I was going to get a beating like I never had before.” If I felt any ambivalence about not taking the boy, it evaporated. I just hoped he wasn’t mistaken about his uncle.

Done for today

We left early the next day. I was going to have to deviate from my planned route a bit to find this uncle of his.

Hurrying on

A couple of hours later I turned onto a dirt road. John was uncertain and we had to try two more before I found the right one.

I hope THIS road is the right one!

The space between the fence and a parked Jeep was pretty narrow. I knew it was going to be fun backing out.

Easy going in, but out...

I went as far as I could down the road and then stopped. In front of us was a small cluster of trailers. They looked fairly tidy, which was a relief. For a moment I was worried the boy was remembering something far grander than reality.

This must be the place!

John leaped out of the truck and ran toward one of the trailers, and disappeared inside. I waited a couple of minutes, then stepped out of the truck. John came back out, followed by a man sporting green uniform pants, a plaid shirt, the suntan of a man who worked outdoors, and a big black beard speckled with grey. We shook hands. He had a warm, strong, friendly grip.

“Thank you for bringing my nephew here safe. My sister called, said he might be coming.” At the word ‘safe,’ we exchanged a knowing glance. The boy had take some chances, running away, but then his uncle and I understood the reason. He invited me in for a coffee, and while I wanted to get back on the road, it seemed rude to refuse his hospitality.

It's not much, but it's home

After speaking for an hour, I climbed back in my truck and gingerly backed out of the tight lot, and down the dirt road. John stood and waved goodbye, a grin on his face. It felt right, leaving him there.

Backing out slowly

My drive resumed. I had a little detour, but I still had plenty of time to deliver those barrels.

Ok, good deed done!

At the distillery some hours later, my delivery made, I felt pretty good about the day. Before taking another load, I was going to go inside and see if they might sell me a bottle more cheaply than the liquor store. Might as well see what my truckload would help make!

Wait till I tell Saskia what happened today!

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Jan Vissers' Tiny Truck Tales

#175 Post by Hakan » 12 Oct 2017 15:06

Great! nice story again! lovely pics and Scot!

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Re: Jan Vissers' Tiny Truck Tales

#177 Post by saur44l » 12 Oct 2017 15:32

Nice story and great shots mate.

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Re: Jan Vissers' Tiny Truck Tales

#178 Post by obelihnio » 13 Oct 2017 17:04

Superb story and pictures. Gotta say that was an unusual co-driver you had for a while.

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Re: Jan Vissers' Tiny Truck Tales

#179 Post by Joe the gamer » 13 Oct 2017 18:38

The size of the trailer fits perfectly with the size of the truck))

Great shots and story.

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