Map scale and setup

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Map scale and setup

#1 Post by Cummins1962 » 07 Feb 2021 20:26

Looking for a little direction and suggestions/best practices on starting out with creating a new map.

I've read majority of the guides and watched several Youtube vids on how to do it but have some questions.

1. If I wanted to create a map based on a real life region (say Alberta, CA), how do I determine scale and is there some base map (map image I guess I would call it) that I can use to overlay my map creation on?
2. Given several other map mods out there (ProMods Canada - which is awesome by the way) and the Montana Expansion (also in the C2C map mod), how do I use them to tie into Alberta (as an example).
3. Any and all other tips, guides or advice on creating maps would be greatly appreciately.

Just looking to give back, if I can to an awesome community and game.


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Re: Map scale and setup

#2 Post by LancerFourms » 07 Feb 2021 21:27

1. First, the scale is 1:20, so try to make the roads proportional to that. And second, I don't know.
2. You may need PM Canada Assets if you want to make a map mod of Alberta, which is a Canadian province. However, you can use Mega Resources if you want. When it comes to a map mod that takes place in Canada, ProMods Canada Assets is a must. Again, Mega Resources is not necessary, but it is nice to have.
3. I looked up traffic lights in Alberta and I saw that many, if not all, of them are placed horizontally. You could create custom traffic lights if you are making a map mod of Alberta. If you don't know how to make them, you can use BC Traffic Lights (which is from ProMods Canada Assets) in your Alberta map. To me, they don't scream "ALBERTA", but they look more Canadian than the monstrous atrocity of Oregon Traffic Lights in CanaDream (or should I say, CanaNightmare) (a map mod of Canada, and to be honest, it's really awful), which does not capture the heart of Canada.
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Re: Map scale and setup

#3 Post by Cummins1962 » 08 Feb 2021 00:23

I did read on another thread where there are several background files that can be used but I'm not sure where they have to be in the folder structure and which files would need to be edited (I believe possibly the map_data.sii but not positive) to be able to use them to create my map. Definitely going to start off small but before I start creating any new map mod I want to know that I have setup everything correctly.

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Re: Map scale and setup

#4 Post by Attom » 23 Feb 2021 21:11

Hi Cummins1962, I see you are thinking of making an add on of Alberta, I am thinking of adding "Ontario"
I to have read guides, Youtube and a good help is "Roextended" he is one of the best I found.
I have uploaded both "Euro" and "USA" maps for trials, and experiments.
I have a question for you, and others who may with to comment. How to you find the correct sectors position, outside of "USA" map ?
Thanks to all in advance.

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