[UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

#10021 Post by Mantrid » 16 Jan 2021 04:37

It's an issue with C2C, I'll fix it.
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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

#10022 Post by Frenchman » 16 Jan 2021 04:56

Thank you Mantrid.

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Vinnie Terranova
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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

#10023 Post by Vinnie Terranova » 16 Jan 2021 08:31

@Mantrid good to hear. Each time a bug is found, the question arise: is it a bug in ATS itself? Is it a bug of a mod? If yes, will that bug be fixed? If yes, when? Is it a load order bug? Etc, etc. I appreciate all the work you, and others, are doing for C2C.

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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

#10024 Post by GT182 » 17 Jan 2021 03:18

Check the garages bought on the C2C map and you'll find a at least one that allows you to do upgrades and repairs. Maybe even more. Mind you that you can only do upgrades/repairs and get fuel. There is no sleeping inside or out. I'll see if I marked them in log book to let you know which city it was in Plus I found a truck sitting outside the Naples, FL garage. A nice addition I'd like SCS to follow thru on when they update the states we already have and add more. I just hope these are not bugs, as they add more realism to ATS. If intentional... nice work Mantrid. A big thumb up to you, and those? also working on C2C.
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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

#10025 Post by jayinatlanta » 17 Jan 2021 18:55

Ways71 wrote:
03 Jan 2021 22:48
Sorry about my somewhat long hiatus from the forums! I'm still actively working on Georgia in C2C, but simply haven't logged on here in a bit.

Anyway, in order to not leave @jayinatlanta (or anyone following my work, really) in the dust, I have made a gallery of images showing the current progress of my work in Atlanta (Giving the city a surface street network). So far, I've managed to get an eastern half of ATL's urban core laid out, and could have it ready for release before Mantrid releases 2.12.

Furthermore, I've done many statewide changes across Georgia, including finalizing the linkage of roadway between Macon and Augusta (Completely removed that dreadful US 1 intersection and replaced the existing road with a 4 lane highway). At that, I have done some misc changes around Macon (Removed the Tucson skyline, created a unique one using WA assets), partially rebuilt the I-75/I-16 interchange, overhauled the I-475/I-75 interchange, widened I-75 to 8 lanes heading toward ATL, and completely rebuilt the western half of the I-285 perimeter.

Feel free to check out the gallery (All images are titled with their appropriate locations):
Really gorgeous work Ways. Knowing a lot of ATL & Georgia as well as I do, your stuff is really commercial quality! Will you be giving it to Mantrid or releasing it as a patch any time soon?

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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

#10026 Post by Ways71 » 17 Jan 2021 23:09

Thank you. And yes, I plan on giving it to Mantrid for incorporation.

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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

#10027 Post by Frenchman » 18 Jan 2021 01:14

@Ways71. I wish Mantrid will accept your excellent work. I'm glad you did! :D Thank you. ;)

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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

#10028 Post by jtm12180 » 19 Jan 2021 14:10

Mantrid wrote:
15 Feb 2016 09:07
C2C v2.11.11 (All DLC Req) for ATS v1.39 has been released. Please report any issues.

Version 2.11.11 (05 Dec 2020) requires all DLC
https://sharemods.com/z9j8u0y7t8dq/Coas ... 1.scs.html

Version (26 Nov 2020) requires all DLC maps except CO
https://sharemods.com/1a6us0vnd0ni/Coas ... 1.scs.html

These versions are for ATS v1.38
Version 2.11.8 (8 Aug 2020) requires all DLC maps
https://sharemods.com/i0kigs6rpowb/Coas ... 8.scs.html

Version 2.11.3 (17 Jul 2020) requires all DLC maps except Idaho
https://sharemods.com/bf4ga39dvbxl/Coas ... 3.scs.html
These versions have not been updated yet.

Version 2.9.37 (Updated 22 Apr) requires WA,OR & NM DLC.
https://sharemods.com/t1nj8jhmcvzz/Coas ... 7.scs.html
Version 2.8.37 (Updated 22 Apr) requires OR & NM DLC
https://sharemods.com/0n0tyl0f2jzu/Coas ... 7.scs.html
These versions have not been updated and probably never will be. They will most likely only work with ATS v1.36

Version 2.6.36 (updated 7 Nov 2019) (only NM DLC IS required). This map has no new content.
https://sharemods.com/d0h2qfyiajq1/Coas ... M.scs.html
Version 2.3.36 (updated 7 Nov 2019) is for those who do not have Washington, New Mexico or Oregon DLC. This map has no new content.
https://sharemods.com/2wgmqbmxlw4s/C2Cv ... C.rar.html

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Good morning. New at ATS...when you said "all DLC required," does that mean I have to purchase all of the map addons via steam before that one will work properly? Thanks in advance!!

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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)

#10030 Post by TwistedLemon90 » 20 Jan 2021 10:06

@jtm12180 Yes sir that's what it means :)

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