[REL]Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme 1:1 Scale ATS Ver 1.46 Summer HOTFIX 19 Dec 22

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[REL]Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme 1:1 Scale ATS Ver 1.46 Summer HOTFIX 19 Dec 22

#1 Post by hawkbs » 17 Jul 2016 20:20

[ external image ]

The map is a Standalone Map on a 1:1 Scale and is NOT Compatible with any other map i.e C2C or Mexuscan so please do not ask.
I was going to make it an addon but with the rescale it would cause more headaches than its worth.
Experience has been increased to reflect the size of the map compared to the base game. Pay has not.
This map is not for the faint of heart it will take you 20 minutes to get to Fox from Fairbanks and 3 1/2 hours to get to Yukon River Camp.
It takes about 2 hours or so just to get to the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks alone.
There are hills and corners that will make your jaw drop or wake you up.
This map has been mapped with google earth and elevations for every single node added to their correct heights for their respective locations via Google Maps Find Altitude.

For those of you who remember my 18 WOS Haulin version you are in for a real treat. there is no map shaking like the original back in 18WOS. Pavel told me the map was so big the game couldnt handle it lol.

There are two versions one Summer and one Winter.

As this is a W.I.P. and ongoing there maybe a few places that are not yet complete.

Map Includes

Alaska State Troopers, Fairbanks and North Slope Borough Police Cars, Custom Trailer skins for some companies. Carlile T680 and W900 Skins for the SCS player trucks and AI trucks
(Watch your speed on the Elliot and Dalton those Police and State Troopers can sneak up on you or just be around the next corner.)

Custom Signs as seen along the way.

Truckdealers are located in Fairbanks : Kenworth, Peterbilt and Volvo, Deadhorse: Peterbilt, Prudhoe Bay: Kenworth
EDIT: New Truck Dealers added for all current Trucks.

There is no need for any gas/petrol cheats. You can get to Coldfoot without the need to sleep or refuel. This map is in realtime.


I do not do Tutorials and do not have time to teach people how to use the editor or how to
add things to their defs and other files. There are plenty of Tutorials both on these Forums as well as youtube and promods.
Please Do Not Send me PM's asking me to teach you how to do things as a refusal often offends

How to use: Download (Links and other info below this guide) and unrar the rar file with Winrar and put the scs files in your documents/American Truck Simulator /mods folder.
Start the game and create a new profile.
At the driver creation screen you need to open the Mod Manager (TOP LEFT) and activate the mod
Load order for Summer Map uses the same load order but obviously without the Winter Map and Winter Chains as they do affect the physics.

Winter Load Order Screen

Without Chains
[ external image ]

If you need the chains they go at the top of the load order. They have their own Physics.

Summer Load Order Screen
[ external image ]

Return to the driver screen you just created.
Choose Dalton.mdb as the map in the dropdown box for map selection and enjoy.
Please Skip the Tutorial as this has been causing issues with jobs for some people.
Any issues with this persisting see here viewtopic.php?f=194&t=213559&start=1270#p794457

[ external image ]

Previous Savegames from the normal game map and/or other maps will not work with this map.
This map is NOT compatible with any other maps it is Standalone.

If you find that your T680 is missing its steering wheel see here. This is a workshop mod issue

HEAVY CARGO DLC Users Please note.

Hills have been adjusted both Northbound and Southbound due to the Heavy Cargo DLC Pack and these have been calibrated for a load
of 48 Short Tonnes, 42.8 Long Tonnes, 43544.9 kg, 96000 lbs
If you have a load higher than that there are now Push Trucks at certain hills but not all hills. If you have a larger load and there is no Push truck available at a hill please use the Dev Cam instead to get to the top.
The hills were all tested with an SCS W900 with a Heavy Haul Chassis, 18 Speed Eaton Fuller and Cat C-15 King of the Hill Engine.
Custom Trucks from Steam Workshop etc for Heavy Haul may be better I have nor tested any of them.
Heavy Cargos will make your trip alot longer than normal due to speed climbing hills! Be aware of this as you might find yourself at walking speed sometimes on some hills.
To help with this on the Winter Map please activate the Winter Chains Mod as it has its own physics file to improve traction. (DO NOT use Winter Chains on the Summer Map you will lose traction)
N.B. If you are approaching a hill and theres a Push Truck feature and you choose to try climb it, please perform a quicksave beforehand incase
you do not make it up. That way you can reload the quicksave and use the Pushtruck.

N.B about Steam Workshop Mods.

This map has not been tested with any other mods. Please disable all your other mods and Steam Workshop Mods if you have problems. Although Steam Workshop Mods may be disabled in Mod Manager these can still load and cause crashes. I found it best to unsubscribe from them or they auto download and mount again. Then I deleted the folders that contained them. They can be found in your Steam folder/steamapps/workshop/content folder
Also please see this post from @Reef about this issue and a shortcut to disable them for this map viewtopic.php?f=194&t=213559&p=794002#p794000

If problems persists please post your game log using the code function for this board see here viewtopic.php?f=194&t=213559&start=1250#p793998

Please Do Not Download My Maps from anywhere else but the SCS Forums as I only update and post them here.
Any downloads of my map other than from my Google Drive linked here are Pirated and not supported at all.
All updates and releases will be posted in this thread only. Any links to this map outside this forum are not by me and therefore not supported at all.

Paypal Donations : If you wish to show your appreciation and would like to help and encourage me even further with this map, please feel free to donate
by clicking this link. Thank you in advance.
https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?c ... aNonHosted

Driver Profiles are Cross Compatible between the Winter and Summer Maps See video here to find out how - viewtopic.php?p=1727720#p1727720

Winter Map for ATS Ver 1.45 - All Map DLC's Required, Convoy Compatible
Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Krq_B_ ... sp=sharing
Not to be reposted or linked on any other site.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to use the Chains, they go at the TOP of the load order as they have their own
Physics file. Only use them if you need to. You can load and unload them by clicking the profile manager at the ingame main screen and go into Mod manager from there.

Summer Map ATS 1.46 - All Map DLC's Required, Convoy Compatible

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1twgmpl ... sp=sharing

IMPORTANT Update notes are here viewtopic.php?p=1771236#p1771236

HOTFIX for Summer Map 1.46 Only https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hkB2GZ ... sp=sharing

Please replace the Dalton_Elliot_Hwy_Summer_Map_1.46.scs with this new one.

Notes on this hotfix and what it fixes can be found here : viewtopic.php?p=1774502#p1774502

Not to be reposted or linked on any other site.

I will NOT release any UPDATES/PATCHES for or during a BETA Phase, you will have to wait until Beta is over and the Official Patch is released and I have updated the Map for it.
This is due to the amount of changes that can happen in a Beta phase which can be several times or daily, it is pointless to do release fixes for any Beta.
Therefore if you wish to continue playing the Dalton Map DO NOT OPT into BETA. If you do I will not support it and you will have to back patch or opt out of beta to fix it

Screenshot showing the map
[ external image ]

Summer Map Screenshots

[ external image ] [ external image ] [ external image ]
[ external image ] [ external image ]

Winter Map Screenshots

[ external image ] [ external image ] [ external image ]
[ external image ] [ external image ] [ external image ]
[ external image ]

Atigun Pass pre-release teaser video

Patch notes/History

Code: Select all

AI Traffic and Police Patch 19/12/18

This is an update to address the amount of traffic and Police spawning on both the Dalton and Elliot Highways.
There should be very little cars showing on the Dalton now and very rare with none after midnight.
I will go through the list of AI Vehicles for the next update to double check if any new vehicles have been added that I have missed and adjust
them later in the next big update as I have spotted some cars that shouldnt be spawning in user videos and streams.
Police have had their budget cut drastically so patrols on the Dalton and Elliot have been hit hard. There should be alot less Police on the Dalton and Elliot highways now.
Hopefully this will help your bank balances a bit when it comes to accidental speeding when the Police just happen to be there.
This is especially useful for folks starting out and trying to build their company and bank balances.
I have also changed the spawning for Fairbanks AI Vehicles.
Download link on the first Post in this thread.
Please place the file above the maps in the load order. It can go above Winter chains as well but it must be somewhere above the Defs file hence place it above the maps.

ATS Ver 1.33.2s
Mainly this is a compatibility update however there have been a couple of changes.

Atigun Pass : Added in real world lay byes on Atigun Pass going Northbound and Southbound.
Moved the location of the Push Truck on the Northern side of Atigun Pass to a real world location a bit further north where there is also a rest area on the northbound side as well.
This has been done to scale with its real world counterpart and in exact locations for all.

Delineators north of Atigun Pass have been changed to match their real world versions. This takes place after the push truck area northbound all the way to Deadhorse.

Alot of DDS files have had to be resaved. This took quite some time. Reason for this was the game decided to show alot of models as black in this game update.

The Dalton Sign at Mile One was remodelled and retextured to be more easily read.

Physics files have been updated on the Winter Map and for the Winter Chains due to Physics changes in ATS 1.33.2s.

Anything else I have changed I have either forgotten or it has been mentioned in posts between 1.32 and this update.

There is a NEW LOAD ORDER due to size limitations of the game reading scs files.
This has lead me to revert to the older packing method and load order.

ATS Version 1.32

The Winter Map is included with the Summer Map they all come together now and the Winter Map is an optional patch
to sit above the Summer Map in the load order. Download link on first page of this thread.
Please remove all files from previous versions of the map as they have changed.


Summer Map No Physics Changes made to the Summer map they are the same as the Base Game

Winter Map The Winter Map has had Physics changes made to it to simulate icy and cold conditions.
If you havent driven in real life in Snowy conditions take heed as it takes longer to brake. Corners can be slippery as well when
going too fast. In fact you might jacknife so be warned.
For Heavier loads and climbing Hills the Tyre Chains have had their physics set between running without chains and the base map physics.
You can still lose control but they will help you get up those hills.
I tried to get this as close as possible to how it was in 18WoS Haulin.
To simulate real life you can choose to pull over and pretend you are getting out of the truck to put them on or take them off by exiting to Mod Manager/Profiles
and enabling or disabling them as needed.
For Heavy Cargo if you cant climb a hill use the Push Trucks provided at steeper climbs.

Fixed the Skybox so there is no more texture stretching at higher altitudes.

Fixed a few terrain anomalies I spotted while testing.

Fixed the AI traffic Trucks and trailers. All the companies in previous releases are now back.

Fixed Parked Vehicles which was causing events not to spawn correctly ( missing vehicle error and also the cause of the CTD's )

Adjusted the Tyre Chains to be inline with the current Tyre sets rather than just having the one set.

The following are patch notes from the initial release that crashed to desktop.

Alot has been changed in this version most noticeably the terrain and the roads.

Terrain from Fairbanks right upto and including Bettles and Deadhorse has been brought upto date with the New Mexico DLC.
Gravel Roads on the Dalton have been replaced with a custom bumpy gravel road.
The Bettles Trail has been overhauled and now also has a custom bumpy dirt road. The old bumps were also removed as they are no longer needed.

Prudhoe Bay has been under construction for a while however it is not complete.
Doyon Drilling added as a company with jobs to and from it. (its the one with the Mobile Oil Rigs)
Prudhoe Bay General Store added as a company with jobs to and from as well.

Removed wall around Deadhorse area that was put up for 1.31 in a rush.

Changed rocks around Deadhorse on the shoreline as they were creeping into the road.

Added Kenworth Dealership to Prudhoe Bay

Added in more rest stops along the Dalton Highway as well as a couple of service stations along the way, one being at Hilltop Truckstop.

AI Trucks redone completely due to changes made by SCS.

Traffic adjusted accordingly for new ai vehicles added by SCS as well as increasing the traffic in Fairbanks.

New Cargoes added and old cargo adjusted for 1.32 (icons will be added later)
Heavy Cargo DLC adjusted to reflect cargo changes

Weather has been changed and integrated into the main files. There should be a bit more fog than there was previously.

Important Note: Please turn off HDR in your Graphics Options the weather is No HDR. otherwise it will be too bright outside and dark in your cab.
Also please open the console when you get ingame and type in g_set_skybox 2 which will enable the skybox to use moon and stars. Please also note the map is set to AKDT
so turn on Timezones please.

Special Transport is not included in this version of the map nor does it support it.
There is alot to work out and put into the map to get that working. I need to add trajectories as well as creating the defs and looking at the scenes for the Special Transport DLC
However first I need to find a guide!

Winter Map Update ATS v 1.31

Winter map has now been updated to game version 1.31
Patch notes are the same as the Summer Version apart from,

Fixed the frequency of the random snow/ice drifts on the Dalton Highway. They should be rarely seen now.
You can turn your events back to default now.

Weigh Station is correct in this version for winter Map

Please note you may need to rediscover the Truck Dealers in Fairbanks and Deadhorse only as I have split those cities into sections like SCS does.
This was due to an issue with another discoverable place that is unmarked literally just on the edge of Fairbanks at the Gas Station on the top of the hill.
Upon turning to that Gas Station you should get a discovery for Farmers Loop.


This is the 1.31 Update for the Summer Map Only, the Winter one will take a while longer as I have yet to convert it. (No ETA theres alot I need to do and check)
I find it much easier to work on the Summer Map then port it over to the Winter version.

PLEASE BE AWARE! :- This Update will reset your Economy! Please finish any job you have going
BEFORE updating.
Also Please make sure you are not at Hilltop Truck Stop
You have been WARNED!

Started working on the roads around Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay Section.
This area is rather large and alot of work going into it. As I was not quite expecting the 1.31 Official Update for at least another week
I was taken by surprise at the release 1 day after a beta patch. Therefore I have had to attempt to fill in the terrain quickly where I was working
and block it off with a Wall to hide any holes and alot of shimmering. This wall covers quite a large area and blocks off from view as well as access to
the area that is currently being worked on. You will notice it on the right hand side approaching Deadhorse. It is a temporary eyesore only.
This wall should be removed in my next update.

Adjusted Map Zoom should be alot smoother and more accurate now.

New Company Added - The Aurora Hotel in Deadhorse (seen in this video viewtopic.php?f=194&t=213559&start=1740#p906610)
Custom Model and Sign based on real world imagery. Beware the ditch that side of Deadhorse 

New Cargo's added and some companies also slightly adjusted

Added custom parked vehicles rather than generic single parked cars and vans to reflect the traffic in Deadhorse.

Completely reworked Hilltop Truck Stop.
This area is now more like its real world counterpart, with the building etc placed as close to possible as the real one.
N.b. I have not put the petrol price sign ontop of the main sign as is in real life. This may come in a future update.

Fixed an issue with the GPS and Home Depot as well as moved the spinning green company icon.

MAP UPDATE 5th March 2018

This is a full update for both maps.
Replace/delete any/all previous files please.

Weather has been fixed and updated to correct Lat and Long for both Maps.
Discovered it was previously set (not by me) to the western coast of Portugal.
Special thanks to @GSC for bringing this to my attention and who was kind enough to give me a file which set the lat and long of the start of the map at Delta Junction. However another file also needed adjusting and the start of the map is actually a car in a carpark in the middle of Fairbanks so set it for that lat and Long in both maps. Also changed the time of year for both maps.

Rollercoaster has been changed in both maps. I wasnt happy with it and decided to go look at it again on Google Maps and check elevations at 100m intervals. Previously it was incorrect, it is now correct and a hell of alot more dangerous.
You will now see how it got its name.
Have added Push Trucks at both ends for Heavy Cargo, they just wont make it by themselves. Rest stops also added.

Sand Hill now correct and done in 50m intervals.

Have fixed to the best of my ability (and limited time) the shimmering at Hilltop.

Fixed an issue with incorrect Mat file for unpaved Dalton sections causing trucks to go slower.

Fixed a disconnected node at Pump Station 3 causing the GPS to route through the station rather than continue along the Dalton when on a job past Pump 3.

Fixed a sign that decided to move itself into the road at Chandalar Station.

Changed unpaved Dalton road texture on Winter Map only.

Nothing further added to Deadhorse as yet due to ongoing modelling in Blender.

WINTER MAP ONLY :- Random Snow Drifts now appear along the Dalton Highway! These are events and change their location so be on your guard they might not be in the same place next time
you drive the road
Pay careful attention to your speed when hitting these! They have been known to cause accidents if going too fast especially the larger groups.
These DO NOT appear on Rollercoaster, Atigun Pass, Chandalar Shelf (the hill) Koyukuk Hill or anywhere else I deemed might cause problems.
Nor do they appear along the Elliot they are on the Dalton only.
EDIT: If you find there are too many Snow/ice drifts spawning on the Dalton simply go into options/gameplay and turn random events down some. If you turn it all the way down there will be no random events at all so try not to do that. You will need to then restart ATS for it to take effect. The drifts on the bettles trail will remain though as they are static.

Winter and Summer Map HOTFIX

Fix for Truck Dealers on Both Maps. All dealers should now have their respective trucks now instead of all selling Kenworths. Volvo should also be fixed for those with Truck Mods for Volvos
Also removed requirement for Heavy Cargo DLC - If you have it you need to use the Heavy Cargo file in the main download for each map.
Download in first post as usual however links also here

Cause was Cities not being able to take more than one truck dealer - reverted back to my old method for fix, as was in previous version prior to 1.31.


This is a Full Version Update which also brings both maps upto date so that openGL users can play the map without CTD's.
Please delete all previous versions from your mod folder.
Updated all models to latest game versions, fixed a few iffy mat files. If you are an openGL user and you still get any crashes
or error messages, please post your gamelog.txt in this thread for me to see and assist with or create a patch.
Please note though most crashes are due to conflicting or out of date mods from either Steam Workshop or other sites.

Finished Western side of Deadhorse. Started on Eastern side however road is blocked off going east.
Changed T-junction prefabs at Wiseman, Bettles and Chandalar shelf which caused issues with OpenGL resulting in CTD's.
Reduced amount of trees near Wiseman due to a message I noticed in gamelog regarding high numbers of models in that area,
Updated a few other models and created some custom signs for hotels in Deadhorse.

I was going to merge scs files into one download for each map, however it exceeds the allowed number of files and wouldnt load,
therefore I have left the scs files the same as they were before for each map.

DLC New Mexico is now required for the map to run.

Winter Map Only

Removed ingame purchaseable Snow Chains. If you are playing the Winter map please sell your chains before using this version.

Snow Chains are now added as an additional mod. These also now assist with traction going up hills.
Physics for the main Winter map remain as slippery as before unless you pull over and switch on your Snow Chains.
Some major hills such as Atigun Pass have push truck areas before them. These are usually great places to pull over to either put your Chains on or take them off.
With Snow Chains on the traction will be in between the Summer and Winter Maps along with the slipperiness.
If you still cant make it up hills and there are push trucks available use the push trucks as outlined in the note to Heavy DLC users on the first post in this thread.
Also improved the look of the Snow Chains by redoing the UV mapping and applying a nice realistic rusty look to them.
See here for a preview picture viewtopic.php?f=194&t=213559&start=1560#p866597
These also work for the DLC-Rims which have a single tire.
Special thanks to @BK Vissers for the idea.

Please note: Enabling the Winter Chains mod instantly puts the chains on your wheels now. So only use them when you need them.

Summer Map Only
Adjusted Physics to be more inline with Summer. Not as slippery as Winter but not full on no slip like the base game.
Its is set to about 3/4 of the base game. 


AI Traffic should no longer overtake on the wrong side of the Steese Highway and Johanson Expressway where there are double lanes each way.
Fixed a terrain glitch I found around 5 Mile. (piece of terrain sticking up in the air.)
Further decreased AI Traffic on the Dalton. It should be a bit more lonely out there now.
AI Traffic in and around Fairbanks should be increased a bit more as well.
Fixed an issue with the Yukon River Bridge where alot of AI vehicles would spawn on it.


Both maps have now been patched to
Due to my fathers passing and the time it took to get back into the swing of things I cannot recall
what I had added that I was working on for 1.29.
The weather has been updated by Piva and is included. I have also included the Heavy Cargo Mod inside each download for those with the heavy Cargo DLC.

Have added a couple of new vehicles and replaced the Fire Engine that accompanies the Firefighter who is chopping a fallen tree with
an Alaska Divison of Forestry Vehicle. These guys wear firefighting equipment so didnt change that.

Have made adjustments to scenes so they appear all along the Dalton and Elliot as well as in Fairbanks.
Please note these should not appear at all on the hill going up to Chandalar Shelf, Atigun Pass or on any bridges or along the Trail to Bettles.
From The beginning of the North Slope Borough all the way to Deadhorse there should be no Tree Cutter along the way. (There are no trees from that point on anyway)
If by chance you see him along the road north of Chandalar Shelf to Deadhorse please take a screenshot with Waypoint using f11 to bring up the waypoint box. Post it here so I can fix it.

Adjusting the maps for 1.29 as well as 1.30 for random scenes has taken up a fair bit of time and hopefully I got everything.

There should be no Weigh Station Call In coming from the north into Fox.

Changed the icon for the Weather for Summer by Piva so it is more easily recognized and no longer the same as Winter Weather.

Fixed a UI issue with a texture for the Winter map that had a bad alpha channel and looked bad on loading screens.

Added a custom fork in Deadhorse due to a traffic issue. Anything else I did I have completely forgotten.

There may be an error for a prefab which is actually the fork in Deadhorse I made. It works so ignore this error

HOTFIX for Both maps.
Simply use the defs and Map files from the Hotfix instead of the ones in the main download. If you dont the scenes will be broken
and error messages will be generated for California, etc as well as a UI issue when creating a new driver.
Sorry I had already uploaded the Maps when I discovered the issue

Summer Map Update 3rd Sept 2017

Adjusted steepness of hill at 86-87 mile on the Dalton also added a new pushtruck at 84 Mile for this hill which will drop you off at 89 Mile.
Added in Pipleine to area
Added in more hill and curve signs.
Fixed floating sign and sign on wrong side of road. Summer and Winter Update

Finally after such a long time I have brought the Summer Map upto date with the Winter Map.
I have left Bettles in the Summer Version so that the people who only drive the Summer Version can experience it. Bridges have been built and sound effects added.
Sound effects have also been added to the Yukon River bridge in both versions of the Map.

Hills have been adjusted both Northbound and Southbound due to the Heavy Cargo DLC Pack and these have been calibrated for a load
of 48 Short Tonnes, 42.8 Long Tonnes, 43544.9 kg, 96000 lbs
If you have a load higher than that there are now Push Trucks at certain hills but not all hills. If you have a larger load and there is no Push truck available at a hill please use the Dev Cam instead to get to the top.
The hills were all tested with an SCS W900 with a Heavy Haul Chassis, 18 Speed Eaton Fuller and Cat C-15 King of the Hill Engine.
Custom Trucks from Steam Workshop etc for Heavy Haul may be better I have nor tested any of them.
Heavy Cargos will make your trip alot longer than normal due to speed climbing hills! Be aware of this as you might find yourself at walking speed sometimes on some hills.

N.B. If you are approaching a hill and theres a Push Truck feature and you choose to try climb it, please perform a quicksave beforehand incase
you do not make it up. That way you can reload the quicksave and use the Pushtruck.

Alot of new Parking spots added along the way, terrain adjustments, and other anomalies I spotted fixed.

Some noteable hills such as 2 1/2 Mile, Sand Hill, Beaverslide, have been adjusted both Northbound and Southbound and or have had a Push Truck added.

Added a few more things to Deadhorse Airport area.

Added in Ice Cut. (Winter version is steeper as it has real heights do not try climb with Heavy Cargo. Use the push Truck for Heavy. The Summer version had the angles adjusted)

Added in the new Doubles with paintjobs as Cargos as well as Heavy Cargo (You must have the DLC) The Heavy Cargo's are in a seperate patch.

The Required Files is in both versions of the download and is the same in each so when switching between Summer and Winter this does not need to be changed.

Map Update 11 April 2017

Removed road block just north of Pump Station 4 you should now be able to continue up the Dalton towards Galbraith Lake, Deadhorse etc Reported by horseman89
Removed trees in the middle of the road south of Yukon River Camp - reported by bandit188


Peterbilt Truck-dealer to Deadhorse in its correct location
Carlile to Deadhorse (this should solve the first job generation issue for players who start in Deadhorse)
Service Station added to Deadhorse

(Please note these may move at a later date to more closely match real locations, although Carlile is pretty much where it should be atm)

Fuel/Petrol/Gas Prices have been adjusted to reflect current real prices in Fairbanks, Coldfoot and Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay as close as possible using search engines for fuel prices.
You really want to fill up in Fairbanks and definitely not Deadhorse there is a massive difference per gallon.

Fairbanks is $2.98 Gal Sourdough Fuel http://www.anchoragegasprices.com/GasPr ... anks,%20AK
Coldfoot is $3.07 Gal based off of North Pole price as it would be more expensive than Fairbanks but nowhere near what it is at Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay
Deadhorse is $5.50 Gal Tesoro Fuel http://www.alaskagasprices.com/Tesoro_G ... index.aspx

Load order is the same as last map update viewtopic.php?f=194&t=213559&start=930#p730483
just replace the main Dalton_Elliot_Hwy_Extreme_Winter.scs file with the new one.


Sorry its been so long waiting but real life does come first.
Ok now on with the details.

Whats changed

Bettles Trail - Deadlier so dont speed you have been warned!

Whats New

Galbraith Lake added
Toolik Field Station added
Sag River Station added
Pump Stations 2 and 3 added
Happy Valley Airstrip added
Deadhorse added

- NOTE Deadhorse is far from complete and the roads have been blocked off where map construction still needs doing. There is a Player garage and a makeshift fuel depot in place as well as a place to drop off and pick up cargo.

I have not added much if any signage to the new parts of the road, nor much pipeline and the terrain is far from complete. Nor have I had the time to test the map fully. However it should be 99 percent error free. You may see something about economy, borders or a traffic rule but they do not interfere with the game they are just warnings. So ignore them.
Please note the map is far from finished and this is a release to enable all of you to drive it with the current patch, work is still ongoing as this map is a Work in Progress and will only ever
be released here on the official SCS Forums. All other links anywhere but the SCS Forums are fake. Only download it from this thread in the official SCS American Truck Simulator Forum.

Added in new multi point Petrol/Gas Stations

Separated some files into a separate mod file and ths new file MUST be in your load order.

Updated the skybox file in the weather mod you will need to re-download the Weather mod on the first page and replace the old scs file with it or you will get model errors. Hopefully Piva will update this mod for us as the Weather System has changed a little as far as the climate files go.

Also the weigh station icon may appear different than it should, I cannot do anything about it until FLD releases his ATS Map Assets as it was his creation.

As you may have noticed the map version is the same as the patch now and i think i will leave it that way so folks can easily understand which patch its for.

Winter Version 1.2 Update Notes

Added in 4 new Recruitment Agencies. 3 in Fairbanks and 1 in Coldfoot

Fixed some issues with gradients on hills such as Finger Mountain and the hill about halfway between Fox and Livengood
(Tested both sides of Finger Mountain with a 44500 lbs load in a quick job scs W900 with automatic transmission)

Added in a few cosmetic items that point people to this thread. These are not unsightly and are in strategic places.
(removal of these can have devastating consequences to the area)
This was necessary due to people reuploading my map elsewhere and not providing a link back to this thread on the SCS Forum for support.

Fixed an issue with Coldfoot and Weather. Seems the Sector was missing from the maps Climate data file upon build.

fixed an issue with the Welcome to the Dalton Sign at Mile 1 being far too big and the y scale also being larger than the x and z
it should now be more appropriate to the real one in terms of scale and a person.

Added more delineators north of Atigun Pass

Added in the version number to the manifest so that it shows on the right hand side in Mod Manager.
(This will enable folks to ensure they have the correct version)

Winter Mod Update 1.1

Adjusted physics to stop spinning out on hills
Removed sui files from trucks that shouldnt have been there
Added Delineators from the start of the Dalton right up to Atigun Pass and along the first part of the Bettles trail. (The Alaska DOT adds delineators in winter)
Added in Snowchains (available at level 0) See your nearest truck dealers repair and upgrade shop.
Fixed some wonky terrain I spotted on a couple of parts of the map that were unspotable in the summer version
Adjusted a hill that was way too steep about halfway down the taps roads to Yukon River Camp. Some people were having issues with it coming Southbound from Yukon river
Fixed an issue with a file that could cause a crash on loading, Piva also saw this and has the same fix in the weather mod.

Download link in first post as usual

Please use Pivas new Winter Weather mod as he has handed this over to me now as it is specifically for this map. Thank you Piva for your hard work
Link http://sharemods.com/qt8uipdoj9xo/dalto ... s.zip.html (This is a new version with image and info)
You do not need any other mods from Piva with this new weather mod its standalone.
I will be uploading and managing this file at a later date on my google acct.
Without this weather mod I cannot guarantee it to snow or the particles to work right.
The map itself looks for a specific folder/climate that is not default.
If you think everything is too dark simply go into options/graphics and untick "High Dynamic Range"

On a side note if you use the advanced/improved physics mod for trucks and Jazzy's trailers please see this about it.

There is a Hotfix available which fixes the delineators as they were way too far from the edge of the road and floating.
Sorry about that guys

Winter Version 1.0 Release

Ok guys decided to just release it as it is as I am pretty sure everything is fine with it.

This is a completely seperate map from the summer version, you do not need the summer version for this map.
You can still use savegames from the Summer Map however there will be an Economy Reset!
Please finish any jobs before switching to the Winter Version

Link on first page above Summer map.

In the file you will find two files. One being the Winter Map and the other being the weather mod.
If you use Piva's weather (main weather not the Dalton addon) you will need this file.
If you dont use Pivas Weather you will only need the main file however any other weather mods must
be below the map in load order for the snow to work. I cannot guarantee other weather mods will conflict or not with the snow or daylight hours.
Please note i have moved the hdr.sii, climate.sii files into the weather mod scs file

Physics: I have adjusted the physics a bit for the SCS trucks and trailers.
If you use the advanced Physics mod with other trucks or not it must sit below the map in load order.
You will really notice the changed physics if you are speeding around corners etc especially on the
Bettles trail.

Please note you are gonna need a good truck for the Dalton and the hills with big loads.

fixed a few reported issues.
Added in Bettles winter trail. This is only available in the Winter version of the map.
This is quite a treacherous route as the Bettles Road is basically an old snowmobile track, but the only
way in and out of Bettles by car/truck when winter hits. You will really have to concentrate to stay on the road. (watch your gps and the snowmobile track)
( I did it bobtailing at night in snow and fog)
It is closed in summertime due to no bridges.
Although the Ice crossings are short they are still dangerous to trucks and cars.
If you listen carefully you can hear the ice cracking.
With Bettles you will find that there are no AI vehicles out there as in winter people get around
via snowmobile out there apparently, besides you do not want any oncoming traffic down that trail.
The Bettles turnoff is just before Prospect Creek Airport/Pump 5 going Northbound
I strongly advise sticking to the speed limit on the winter trail! You have been warned ;)

The Weigh Station at Fox is now Open so be warned you may get called in to stop for a weight Check going through Fox now.

Adjusted UI map to accommodate Bettles.

Added in a new truckskin for the Peterbilt 579 in Sourdough Express livery
made all custom AI paintjobs buyable in Upgrades created by me.
Added in a few new trailer skins
Added in the Chevy Van from ET2 in Carlile Livery.


This fixes all the bugs I found after the previous release.
Fixed wrongly named signs
Replaced all Pipeline with a new version. Pipeline should no longer be floating.
Removed floating orange delineator on northern side of Atigun Pass
Fixed up some scenery issues around Livengood Airport I spotted in a youtube video.
Converted the Ford Service Truck from Extreme Trucker 2 and implemented as an AI vehicle with AK DOT symbol on it.
Removed AI vehicles from Pump Station 4
Made a couple of changes to cargo and added Ammunition as a cargo
Fixed floating mountain near Pump Station 4.
Made a couple of tiny adjustments to UI map.
Removed version number in manifest.

Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme PATCH 1.5 Notes for new Game Update

Release for Sept 8th game patch 1.4

Road textures changed to match what I saw on google Earth. Asphalt is where its supposed to be and dirt/gravel roads where they are supposed to be.
Delineators have also been added along certain parts of the Dalton. If you hit these they will do damage to your truck so be careful.

Added in Chandalar Station and Pump Station 4 for jobs.

The road has been closed past Pump Station 4 so even though you can see places beyond this i.e. Deadhorse you wont get there. these are incomplete and only the roads that lead there are in.

Changed alot of terrain in between the start of the Dalton and Coldfoot. Added in some rivers. N.B. The Dalton is alot more dangerous now so watch your speeds!

Added in a few trailer skins as well as a few truck skins ( some are available in quickjobs). Only Carlile is available to purchase on the SCS T680 and W900. (Please use the second skin for the w900 as I havent had time to remove the other one which uses the wrong uv map.

Changed the Police vehicles completely to ford Explorers. These will now spawn in their correct locations. Fairbanks Police in Fairbanks to around Pump Station 7. From there to the start of Chandalar Shelf will be Alaska State Troopers only. From Chandalar shelf onwards is North Slope Borough PD. AK State Troopers will be in all three locations.

Removed alot of cars on the Dalton a couple of the new ones may have eluded me.

Atigun Pass added in. This is a very steep long mountain pass and the highest point on the Dalton Highway. Be warned there are no boundaries set so if you manage somehow to go over the railing you are going all the way down. You can stop at the top for a break but you cannot rest there.

Added in some more signs, there are still more to come.

Added in Pipeline all the way to Pump Station 4.

Changed the Paramedic Vehicle to be as close to Fairbanks Fire Dept's version as possible.

Opened up the back road in Fairbanks to Peterbilt so coming out of Fairbanks on the first overpass you can now turn right there instead of going all the way upto Sourdough Fuel or Carlile and getting to it that way.

Added in Alaska Rail as a company. (not sure if this was in the previous patch)

Added a few more things to Fairbanks area.

Renamed the main scs file so that it now says "ATS_Dalton_Elliot_Hwy_Extreme.scs" rather than have the patch version in the name.
(I forgot to change the patch version in the manifest sorry so it may still say 1.42)

Adjusted UI Map for new map data file and made some further adjustments to make zooming in a bit better.

UPDATE 1.42 Notes

HD Roads update - All roads are now updated to HD and superfine.
Fixed several bugs reported such as signs stuck in ground as well as a couple of floating ones I found.
Added in more signs
Changed the Tourist Centre in Coldfoot.
Fixed a speed issue on the Johannson Expressway by the Railway Station crossroad as it was staying at 25 instead of changing to 55.
Reduced AI traffic even further for each individual vehicle. (N.b. this does not affect AI Mods you will have to change those yourself)
Added two new Cargo's at Walmart, Fishing & Camping Gear and Hunting Supplies.
Added new Cargo to Coldfoot
Wiseman added. Although it isnt far from Coldfoot this was a pretty big task to add. Wiseman has an airfield and is an old Gold Mining Camp. Today it is mainly Bed and Breakfast Cabins but takes several different cargo's including the two new ones. The road is bumpy but the view is worth it. The trip to Wiseman from Fairbanks is roughly 7 and a half real hours depending on your truck and cargo.
Changed textures on some prefabs. This is noticeable visually as well as with Force feedback wheels. Updated junctions along the Dalton for these prefabs.
Misc other fixes


This update includes the previous hotfix. Please delete the hotfix as it is no longer required.

You will need in your mods folder version 1.4 and this update only 1.41

Fixed the terrain problems around Prospect Creek, Pump Station 5 and Prospect Airfield
Fixed some AI issues around Coldfoot
Fixed floating platform at Arctic Circle as well as Parking Area.

Added in Eagles flying around mountains in a couple of places, crashed trucks on certain parts of the Dalton (some have crosses)
There is also a helicopter that flies around between Arctic Circle and lands at prospect Airfield.
Added in more mountain scenery to hide long distance eyesores

Piva has also been kind enough to do some work on the weather and skybox, see his post bottom of page 14. You will need the dalton addon plus his main file
Load order is like in the screen shot
If you arent using Pivas weather/skybox mod the load order is the same, the update must be on top

You should not need to start a new driver, if you get a missing mod file error click continue. The only files changed are map files and a definition for a terrain.


The road past 7 Mile Station is now open and the work crew have moved upto Coldfoot to continue the road past there.
Bear activity has been spotted on the road going towards the old town of Livengood. The DoT has blocked this road off for drivers safety and the safety of bears.

Added in
Arctic Circle - this is a rest stop and lookout.
Rollercoaster - quite a fun hill on the Dalton but can be dangerous
Beaverslide - Extremely dangerous long hill just before Arctic Circle. This hill has killed people. Theres a rest stop at the top and also one at the top of Rollercoaster.
Prospect Creek - here you will find Pump Station 5 as well as Prospect Creek Airport. There are jobs to and from here. AVGas (Aviation Fuel) has been added as a cargo
Coldfoot - Here you will find Coldfoot Camp, the DoT and an airfield, all have jobs to and from. Coldfoot camp contains a rest area, fuel pump and repair centre.

These areas are done to closely match there real life counterparts as close as possible

In Fairbanks I have added in Peterbilt as well as Volvo. These are temporary locations and will most likely be moved later on.
Did some work on areas in Fairbanks and added in more scenery etc. There is also a new company in Fairbanks that will be giving jobs to willing drivers.

Added in a Carlile skin for the Chemical trailer and changed Drag Reducing Agent to Chemical from Fuel.

Added a few billboards along the Elliot Hwy. n.b. these are old and from 18wos and will be replaced later as they are quite bright.

Heights for the Dalton are correct all the way upto Coldfoot.

Reported speed limit bug should be fixed now.

misc other things

Estimated travel time from Fairbanks to Coldfoot is 7 real hours depending on your load and truck. Please make sure you fill up either before you leave Fairbanks.Last chance Gas stop is Hilltop outside Fox then Livengood Airport or Yukon River Camp. There are no gas stations or service in between Yukon River Camp and Coldfoot. You have been warned!

Please remove any previous versions and use 1.4 ONLY. Make sure you enable it in your mod manager please. Save games from the previous version should not be affected.

For new drivers when creating a driver please enable the mod on the driver creation screen and the select dalton.mdb at the dropbox on the driver creation screen where it says California.


Fix for reported issue with Five Mile Airport and entering to get jobs or drop off loads.
Moved prefab down a bit and tested. This is an emergency patch for this issue.
Fixed an anomaly on the Yukon River Bridge with an invisible wall causing you to crash into it.
Adjusted draw distance on entire map for everything to Far. Added in some mountains and extra terrain in places.
Removed Player Garage at Livengood as it is not needed. Nothing goes there or comes from there anyway.
Livengood is only there for geographical location reasons.


Just made a small update to the map to correct an issue with Hot Spot Cafe. Seems the Job manager just does not like narrow roads at all.
Also fixed an issue with the Flatbed trailer not being able to find a Carlile variant. Added a couple of other companies to this file just incase.

Thank you to

Piva for his fantastic weather mods and skyboxes

Nico at Promods for the permission to use McDonalds

FLD for his prefabs and Models

SCS for this wonderful game
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Re: Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme ATS Version 1.0 [REL] [WIP

#2 Post by Reef » 17 Jul 2016 20:32

Welcome to 2016 hawkbs and the Elliot and Dalton Highway :D
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Re: Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme ATS Version 1.0 [REL] [WIP

#3 Post by hawkbs » 17 Jul 2016 20:38

Thanks Reef enjoy it, I know a few people have been waiting for this for a while now but I was lazy.
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Re: Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme ATS Version 1.0 [REL] [WIP

#4 Post by Bandit188 » 17 Jul 2016 20:39

I was one of them.
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Re: Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme ATS Version 1.0 [REL] [WIP

#5 Post by LeafeonGold » 17 Jul 2016 20:54

Awesome, time to relive memories from the Haulin' version.

Also, your images on imgur aren't set to public, btw. ;)
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Re: Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme ATS Version 1.0 [REL] [WIP

#6 Post by hawkbs » 17 Jul 2016 21:01

Just checked on Imgur and it says they are but gave me a different link so adjusted it on here.
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Re: Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme ATS Version 1.0 [REL] [WIP

#7 Post by Blackspots » 17 Jul 2016 21:46

Will this eventually have all of Alaska, or just the tiny area shown on the first thumbnail?
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Re: Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme ATS Version 1.0 [REL] [WIP

#8 Post by Reef » 17 Jul 2016 21:56

Btw hawkbs, it slipped my notice initially until someone reported it, but green text is reserved for moderators use only here so I've replaced all the green with yellow ;)
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Re: Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme ATS Version 1.0 [REL] [WIP

#9 Post by hawkbs » 17 Jul 2016 22:07

ShirBlackspots wrote:Will this eventually have all of Alaska, or just the tiny area shown on the first thumbnail?
Fairbanks to Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay basically the entire Dalton highway 1:1 Scale. Which will probably take 10-12 real hours to drive.
See this image http://imgur.com/10WUqIy Currently the map is not even 1/3 of the way there but it will still take you 3 and 3/4 real hours from Fairbanks to Seven Mile.
Then you have the trip back to do.
Believe me it is not that tiny.

I might add in Bettles Im not sure yet as normally its a winter road to get there but I am definitely not adding in Nuiqsut as that needs an ice crossing

Places to do still are Pump Station 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1, Prospect Creek airport, Coldfoot, Wiseman, Rollercoaster, Chandalar Shelf, Atigun Pass, Ice Cut, Galbraith Lake Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay.

Im not insane enough to do the entirety of Alaska on a 1:1 scale sorry

Reef wrote:Btw hawkbs, it slipped my notice initially until someone reported it, but green text is reserved for moderators use only here so I've replaced all the green with yellow ;)
No worries Reef. Didnt realize. I even read the rules but Ive been up all night and its 8am here so gonna grab some sleep lol
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Re: Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme ATS Version 1.0 [REL] [WIP

#10 Post by BEARlyThereCDN » 17 Jul 2016 22:21

I have never driven a 1:1 map. This should be a blast! Thanks for your work Reef. :)
Some bears do it on the highway!
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