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Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 09 Aug 2020 19:15
by Vinnie Terranova
It adds a few cities by changing some existing scenic towns to deliverable towns. That's pretty much it. But I like it, because I like to have more deliverable towns.

Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 09 Aug 2020 21:22
by yukonjack_ak
koolizz wrote:
09 Aug 2020 18:27
So, could somebody give a rundown on what the SN compatible new version by Blackspots actually changes? Because, I applied it together with SN but my explored roads percent nearly didn't change at all. Yuba City or Chico isn't there either. Does USX actually add any roads if you use the new fixed version together with SN?

My understanding from looking at the map is the SN compatible version by Blackspots almost seems to remove all content from the original mod to make it compatible leaving the only change that Tonasket was added as a place in WA and some other city names, no actual roads so while its nice to have a compatible version, its a nearly empty shell of the original mod as it almost doesn't add any new content. Either that or its not not working for me because I'm no seeing any new roads with SN and McDermitt is also gone.
Either using Blackspots version (2.7) or by following my directions a few pages back you will be left with all the changes in Washington and New Mexico. So that leaves you with Tonasket and Forks up in WA, Laytonville and Crescent City in northern CA and Vaughn, Santa Rosa, Ft Sumner, Cimmaron and Carrizozo in NM and of course all the company locations, gas stations, rest areas and everything else in those towns. So there is still quite a bit of USX that is left behind...

LINK TO THE DIRECTIONS: viewtopic.php?p=1395383#p1395383

In order to make USX compatible with Sierra Nevada, all the conflicting sectors needed to be removed so yeah you lose 90% of all the cities and roads that USX added in California but that's fine cause Sierra Nevada does a better job (IMO) with places like Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, etc. All the new roads that the original USX added are gone now too as the 95% of the roads USX added were in the Sierra Nevada's (so not surprised your % didn't change).

Originally my modified version of USX also kept the AZ/CA border towns of Parker, Quartzsite and Vidal Junction and that stretch of US95 however with the latest version of PazzMod (1.3.00), Pazz has extended his version of US95 and included that area so it had to go now too. Again, not a bad thing though considering the quality of work that Pazz puts out and his plans to include those towns in the near future.

Honestly though, like @Vinnie Terranova said, the whole point of keeping USX alive at this point is just to add in 9 more towns that IMO should be part of the base map.

Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 09 Aug 2020 23:41
by J. Ritter
Don't forget my favorite part, the other half of the bypass in Roswell!

Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 13 Sep 2020 00:26
by rannorgana
3. STEP 3 - UPDATE CITIES (Part 1)
- In the scs file, navigate to "US_Expansion_V2.6.2.SN\def\"
- Open "city.p16.sii" via N++
- Delete the following cities:

Code: Select all

Line 3 - placerville
Line 4 - yuba_city
Line 5 - chico
Line 6 - slake_tahoe
Line 8 - wells
Line 9 - mc_dermitt
Line 13 - parker
Line 14 - quartzsite
Line 15 - vidal_junc
Line 17 - b_mountain
Line 18 - beatty
Line 19 - austin
Line 21 - goldfield
Line 23 - weed
Line 24 - alturas
Line 25 - burney
Line 27 - ellensburg
Line 28 - ritzville
I can understand:
Placeville, Yuba_city, Chico, slake_tahoe, b_mountain, Beatty, Austin and Goldfield being deleted - they would clash with Sierra Nevada.

I can see that Wells, Weed, Alturas and Burney might be in the same sector as part of Sierra Nevada.

I can not understand why Ellensburg and Ritzville would conflict with Sierra Nevada?

Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 13 Sep 2020 01:27
by yukonjack_ak
@rannorgana Your first 2 points are absolutely correct; I messed with load order and deleting/adding sectors for many hours trying to "save" Weed, Wells and a couple of those others but they are in sectors that are changed by Sierra.

As for Ellensburg and Ritzville though, they don't actually exist on the USX 2.6.2 map. They're listed as cities in the def files, but they don't show up on the map, aren't "discoverable" and have no companies assigned. Load up USX 2.6.2 all by itself and see; they're not there and you can't even "fast travel" to them using the "GOTO" command in the console. My thought is that maybe P16 added them to the files planning to eventually add them to the map, but I have no actual idea.

Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 13 Sep 2020 04:47
by rannorgana

RE: Ellensburg and Ritzville

I believe that may indeed be the case, I think he was intending to add more in Washington State.

RE: Wells and Weed, Burney and Alturas, I could see that they may have been included in a sector affected by SN, but that would mean that the sectors are quite big indeed.

Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 14 Sep 2020 02:51
by yukonjack_ak
@rannorgana It's not that they're big sectors, it's that SN is a big mod. Sierra Nevada encompasses a lot more sectors than what you'd think just by looking at the map. The original version of SN even modified sectors all the way past Vegas in NV; infact the pre-release version was incompatible with Quartzsite, et al down there in SoCal/AZ (the only reason that changed is due to Reforma dropping those sectors cause of the Vegas-revamp).

Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 16 Sep 2020 19:47
by rannorgana

Cool, I didn'tknow that.

Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 20 Sep 2020 03:45
by ajest_kingscrown
where do i put this US_Expansion_v2.7-SN.scs which is sierra nevada compatible?
under the 2.6 one?

Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Posted: 20 Sep 2020 09:59
by SaMartok (NL)
Replace the 2.6.2 version with the 2.7