[REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

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[REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#1 Post by Jordi_R » 09 Jan 2018 03:51

Mexssimap v 0.5


The Project Mexssimap is a mexico map mod for american truck simulator, which expands the base map. The first stage of the project is to build the border between Mexico and USA.
The ubications and names of the farms, mines, truck and car maintenance are not real.

Mexssimap 0.5
- Baja California : Tijuana and Mexicali. Include the Rumorosa Highway.
- Sonora: Heroica Nogales, Cananea, Agua Prieta and Moctezuma
- Chihuahua: Nueva Casas Grandes, Janos and the border between Chihuahua and New Mexico.

1. Download Mexssimap_vxx.scs file
2. Cut and paste the *.scs file into your mod folder directory

Supported versions of the game:
1.29.x + DLC Arizona + DLC New Mexico

- US 50 & CA 99 v 1.9.1 Map
- Background map v2.1 ATS
- MHAPro_map_ATS_1_29_for_ATS_v1.29_x
- Mario Map 1.6.x

Autor: Jordi_R

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Download link:
http://sharemods.com/nwe55921r3dt/Mexss ... 5.scs.html


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Re: [REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#2 Post by PitbullTasja » 09 Jan 2018 12:19

Looks good, keep up the work :D

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Re: [REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#3 Post by SlavikSD » 09 Jan 2018 13:55

Big thanks!
What is load order with the other maps?

I'm at a loss :o
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Re: [REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#4 Post by Jordi_R » 09 Jan 2018 15:23

The order is a follow:
Mexssimap 0.5
[compatible map]

The coast to coast is not compatible, becouse it is share a sector with Tucson Arizona. Tucson dissapears.

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Re: [REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#5 Post by NTMID8_Z28 » 09 Jan 2018 19:03

It seems a few of the map creators here have been working well together. Perhaps you can work with Mantrid to ensure your map and C2C can work together. I'm not currently running any of the Mexican maps... does this map conflict also with the Durango or Extremo maps?
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Re: [REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#6 Post by Rbnqss78 » 09 Jan 2018 20:11

Works well, tough haven't got yet loads to mexico and I don't even care about it not being compitable with c2c, the best nat there is is already supported so this is good for me, thanks!

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Re: [REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#7 Post by ShirBlackspots » 09 Jan 2018 21:21

Umm... Viva Mexico covers the same area as this map does. (except for Chihuahua)
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Re: [REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#8 Post by yaumeister » 10 Jan 2018 00:03

For a first release, it's a good effort with quite a lot of work done and plenty of ground covered.

There are some errors in the game log, missing "countries" (i.e Tijuana is still part of CA) and the roads and terrain are mismatch in places, but hey at least it doesn't CTD with OpenGL like Viva Mexico does!

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Re: [REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#9 Post by TomDooley » 11 Jan 2018 04:38


Gave it a try yesterday, and it's a definite "like" for me. Sure, VM also covers this (mostly) but I appreciate the effort. My trip led me to Cananea, down from Tuscon via the Nogalesses. I liked the custom border station and the general "look and feel" of your map.
However, I also found a few smaller bugs on two junctions - first, where the highway going South from H.Nogales ends and you have to turn left, the "eastern" node doesn't match,AI traffic disappears, and there's a visible rift. Didn't fell through though.
And, in Cananea, when you turn off toward the companies, the curb has multiple layers where a truck can get easily stuck. I'll add screenshots later. Mind you, I'm not complaining, just thought you might be interested.

Other than than, I really like it so far. And thanks for NOT letting us jump through multiple advertising hoops.



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Re: [REL] Mexssimap v 0.5 [1.29.x][08.01.18]

#10 Post by Jordi_R » 12 Jan 2018 00:03

@TomDooley thank you for the images. I will take into account. Great contribution!

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