[REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#221 Post by Lolsmurf » 03 May 2020 08:16

Hi @Jbte any word on what you are working on right now? I saw on your Facebook some photos of Mexico?

What is the plan you are having? Working from mexico extremo up north rebuilding Viva mexico up to the border?

Thanks for the map and info man! I hope my donation helped you buy some beer!

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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#222 Post by bmwGTR » 03 May 2020 09:43

Robinicus wrote:
02 May 2020 18:28
This is what I have followed in the past; have not run all the other maps in 1.37 but it was working in 1.36

Load Order:
- USA / Canada
Midwest Expansion
Coast to Coast
Project East
Montana Expansion

- Assets
C2C Patch (only if using C2C or Montana)
Mega Resources

- Mexico
Raul's Quick Fixes

- USA Reworks
Sierra Nevada
Hi @Robinicus,
Midwest Expansion is compatible with Coast to Coast?

Best regards,

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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#223 Post by BenganJ » 03 May 2020 09:54


Yes, here you have the load order and all info:
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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#224 Post by Robinicus » 03 May 2020 12:51

@bmwGTR - it was before, I have not used it in 1.37 though
1.39 combined engine pack now available

1.39 default SCS replacement engine pack now available

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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#225 Post by kduell01 » 03 May 2020 14:37

@Jbte Thank you for clearing this up, I was having some problems getting the map loaded correctly due to the fact that the Grand Canyon Rebuild is not included in many load orders. I was worried it may be an incorrect load order conflict.

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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#226 Post by Shaun511 » 04 May 2020 22:39

Got it working again... all good

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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#227 Post by interstate trav » 04 May 2020 23:41

How far south does this Mod run. To around Tonopah

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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#228 Post by Stepdeck » 05 May 2020 05:16

Problem fixed! Thanks @Jbte
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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#229 Post by Jbte » 05 May 2020 05:31

That error is caused by using the old v2 of the patch, are you sure you are using v3 of MR C2C patch? v2 of the patch DOESN'T work. Make sure to download the most recent MR file at our site and C2C patch, make sure its version 3 of the patch, delete all other mods (avoid to repetitive mods) from your mod folder in your documents/american truck simulator/mod

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Re: [REL] Reforma | Sierra Nevada | 2.2

#230 Post by pinky4712 » 05 May 2020 16:28

What does the US-95 remake do? I haven't drove down it yet, but with it and pazz loaded I don't see a change on the map

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