[REL] SCS map improvements 1.1.260 (1.40) - WIP WA-401 and WA-4 roads

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[REL] SCS map improvements 1.1.260 (1.40) - WIP WA-401 and WA-4 roads

#1 Post by n1cky1992 » 15 May 2020 13:40

preview.jpg (34.3 KiB) Viewed 12367 times
More detailed description of legacy "Bellingham Map Improvements" form of the map (screenshots and links to screens are here, scroll down to look at them)
I would like to tell you the story about the idea of creating the map like this. So, first of all, I need to say that this is my first experience in creating map mods (I even did't know how to work in map editor and spend some time to learn it watching YouTube tutorials). The idea came to me after mounths of using outdated and discontinued @Lexx's mod Unhide rough roads 1.4. I found that there was some improvements done by SCS on Bellingham hidden road sector and @Lexx's mod was made before that improvements so it has old version of that sectors (hasn't some signs that presented in default SCS roads). So I started editing that roads from scratch for making them visible in map again. After I had done it I had seen that there is some town (far plane imitation of town) made by SCS near hills of Deepgrove company.

This is default view

And this is some "before\after" pictures
2.Image 3.Image 4.Image

5.Image 6.Image 7.Image

As seen on pictures, I dicided to go more forward and make at least some kind of a parking or little rest area. But the more I had making the town only with parking spot then bigger and bigger the town had becoming. Also my skills has rising up and every time I could make some newer and newer things. And now we have "Middle Fork Valley" town (fake name of the town, but in real life there is some nameless on Google map town located on Middle Fork Nooksek river and layed on Mosquito Lake road so I gave a part of river's name to the town I built). It has rest stop, gas station, player's buyable garage, Wallbert (Walmart) market (completely working company where to you can deliver some goods and get some jobs), and also default SCS's Deepgrove company on the hills are moved (in Contract browser, Freight market etc.) from Bellingham to Middle Fork Valley.

After making this all I decided to improve some nearest to Bellingham landscapes. Also I would like to add WA-9 road. And that's has been done.

Here is map view of what has been done in 1.0
And what has been done in 2.0 update
3.0 update roads
4.0 update roads

The whole finished looking of the area:

Other screenshots are here
And 2.0 update screens are here
3.0 gallery are here
4.0 pictures are here

I made this mod for personal use. But this is a crime if I won't share it with others.
Here is short description of what has been done in v1.0:
- New semi-fake town "Middle Fork Valley"
- Some part of "Mosquito Lake road" near Middle Fork Nooksack river.
- A little bit improved unhidden road from Bellingham to Deepgrove company (some road signs were added or improved)
- Road signs edited near Everett, WA ("Darwing" writings on road navigation signs changed to "Boeing" ones)
- The roads between Bellingham and Deepgrove company, also roads near Astoria, Coos Bay, detour rough road on OR58 are made visible on the map.
- Parking spot near a house in Redmond, OR (this town are not visible on map, it located to north from Bend, OR. I made it just for myself use for playing roleplay situation of living there).

v2.0 update brings:
- New WA-9 Road from Van Zandt to WA-20.
- Also some new roads near Bellingham, near WA-20.
- Some more road sign improvements on WA-20 near I-5 and on SCS's road which has unhidden in the mod.
- Improvements on default SCS's landscapes for better looking from WA-9 and other new roads.

v3.0 update brings:
-Continuing of Mosquito Lake Rd. down to South - South-West to connect it with WA-9 Rd.
-Rest Area and view point from the hill on my small town "Middle Fork Valley" near Mosquito Lake Rd.
-Continuing of WA-9 rd. up to North
-Adding a little piece of WA-542 Rd.
-Adding of scenery town Deming
-Improving scenery town Wickersham (rail road has been added)
-Some small improvements in road signs and road marking.
-Small updates to correct some bugs and mistakes on the map.

v3.1 update:
- Map completely updated to 1.38
- Parking spot near one of house in Middle Fork Valley town has added
(for roleplay situations with using non-truck modded vehicles)
- Some small polishing edits.

v4.0 update:
- New town Glacier with two companies for delivering cargoes
- New eastern part of WA-542 road through Glacier straight to Mount Baker view
- New part of mountain forest road which connects the road hidden by SCS with WA-542 road on North
- Correcting bugs which was found by me and reported earlier by another ATS truckers
- Some cosmetic corrections on previously released roads (WA-9, Middle Fork valley, Mosquito Lake rd)
- Truck stop at the end of the WA-542 road on a hill with beautiful view to Mount Baker.

v4.1 update:
- scenery town Burlington (on I-5 between Everett and Bellingham) are turned to active town
- one of farms near Burlington came alive - we can deliver cargoes and take them there now
- bugs and mistakes fixing
09.11.2020 - the map has got some name rebranding so now it's called "SCS map improvements" (with additions in every part of the mod with the area name which this part contains, example "SCS map improvements - Bellingham heights). I decided to do this way because of going more forward and not stopping only in Bellingham area.

The map are separated to parts:
"Base" scs file is a mandatory part (contains models and definition part of the map).
Other parts are can be installed by everyone's wish (depended of which territory are needed to be improved for him):
"Bellingham Heights" - Former "Bellingham Heights improvements" file but without models and defs.
"Unhiding some hidden roads" - former "untitled others" part which now has ben titled. Early it had unhiding only two roads in Oregon. Now it tuouches most of hidden roads in WA, OR, UT, ID, CO and one in NV.

v1.0.500 (equal like former v5.0.0):
- 1.39 update
- added 4 viewpoints which has been added by SCS in 1.39 update in the Bellingham and Everett area

- fixed some small bugs (holes in terrain)
- changed definition of cities from .sii to new .sui fromat
- fixed little issue with using "goto burlington" console command when you would like to go Colorado's Burlington but instead of it you go to Washington's Burlington. (if you want to go Washington's Burlington (Burlington WA) so write in console "goto burlington_w")
- fake name of "Middle Fork Valley" town has changed to real one "Welcome".
- some small polishing changes in landscapes and signage.
- added little road cafe on WA-9 for more attractive looking.

v 1.1.201
- added fix as a separate file for merging my map with ProMods Canada (you can not enable it if you don't play with ProMods)
- refreshed scenery town Deming after merging the map with ProMods Canada (the town now looks more alive)
- some small road recoloring on bridges
- some little corrections and additions in signs on roads
- fixed some bugs and missed typoes on the map

v 1.1.255
- fixed endless issue (shown in console) with terrain on WA-9 road
- (ProMods Canada FIX) one more time relooked all road connections near Hope town in Canada and GPS bug on the border in Sumas (left one border - border from Canada to US)
- some more small cosmetic corrections on WA-9 and WA-542 roads
- "untitled others" add-on for SCS map improvements renamed to "Unhiding some hidden roads" (see full info in the description of the add-on)

List of unhidden roads
v 1.1.255:
sec-0020-0001 - hidden detour through village between Cedar City, UT and Pioche, NV
sec-0016+0001 and sec-0015+0001 - hidden village roads to North-East from Kayenta, UT on US191
sec-0017-0003 and sec-0017-0004 - useless roads near company in Provo, UT
also unhide web of rural roads near Gallon Oil company, Prince, UT

sec-0018-0004 - alternative entrance road to Quarry near Salt Lake City, UT
sec-0015-0003 - cutting detour rural road near Vernal, UT

sec-0025-0008 - useless dead-ending road on OR-140 to East from Lakeview (good for screenshots or RP rest)
sec-0024-0013 and sec-0025-0013 - East from The Dalles, OR - useless rural road near I-84 (good for screenshots)

sec-0024-0008 and sec-0024-0007- NV-140 - little detour rural road near fields to Winnemucca, NV

sec-0012+0001 - US-161 South from Alamosa, CO - detour road through camping area (possibe ignoring by GPS)
sec-0010-0001 - road to the Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs, CO
sec-0011-0002 - I-70 - West from Denver, CO - turnback roads on both tunnel exits
also US-285 to South-West from Denwer - detour road
sec-0013+0001 - US-160 East from Durango, CO - detour road
sec-0014+0000 - US-550 NAMIQ company between Durango, CO and Montrose, CO - alternative entrance road to NAMIQ
sec-0015+0001 - US-160 South-West from Durango, CO and North-West from Farmington, NV - short detour road near old abandoned gas station
sec-0012+0000 - US-50 East from Montrose, CO - long serpantine detour road from rest area through a valley back to US-50
sec-0013-0001 - Deepgrove company to North from Montrose, CO - lap road around company
sec-0010+0001 and sec-0010+0000 - secret road through industrial zone in Pueblo, CO
sec-0011-0003 US-40 between Denver, CO and Steamboat-Springs, CO - little village (good for screenshots and RP of rest)
sec-0008-0003 - Sterling, CO - detour road from player's garage to Global Mills company
v 1.1.259
- optimised vegetation near "Welcome", "Glacier", "Burlington, WA" for more FPS
- fixed error with houses in "Burlington, WA".
- (ProMods FIX) small fixes of the entance to CA-US border (yellow line correction)

v 1.1.260
- 1.40 update (simple map rebuild in Map editor, nothing new added)

The connector with Promods Canada released. Download whole archive and you will find the connector there
Load order for merging with ProMods Canada:
- ProMods Canada Def
- SCS Map improvements - Bellingham heights FIX for ProMods Canada
- ProMods Canada Map
- ProMods Canada Models
- ProMods Canada Assets
- SCS map improvements - base
- SCS map improvements - bellingham heights
- SCS map improvements - Unhiding some hidden roads (install this last one file by the wish, its just unhide some hidden roads across other states)

I haven't checked CanaDream compability (But in theory it should probably work in merge with ProMods Canada and the connector for ProMods and CanaDream). Also the map requires ALL released map DLC's
The other maps can be used together with my map (I use it with Sierra Nevada, PaZz mod, Minor Urban Overhaul, Grand Canyon Rebuild and US Expansion without any problems. But you need to find right order, so better watch @Wombat Trucker videos.)
You can put the map in any order in mod manager, excluding Minor Urban Overhaul
(I mean that my map are needed to put in higher priority than MUO map (above it))

So, feel free to use it if you want, share your opinions (or maybe bugs on map) in comments below.

SCS - creating American Truck Sumulator, map editor with all materials and prefabs for building map mods, giving an opportunity to share mods here on the forum
n1cky1992 - building map mod
Dawid2849 from ProMods team - helping with creating neccessary signs which are not presented in map editor by default
bricksathome from ProMods team - help with creating merging FIX for ProMods Canada

And of course, the link for downloading the map:

Download v1.1.260

I also now have my Patreon page where you can donate me:

The link to Patreon for donations

Donations won't let you any early access to my map (beta testing or something), but it can become some motivationfor spending my free time on map building because of working for free (which I better can spend to my family).

Previous versions:
Download v1.1.259
Download v1.1.201
Download v1.0.602
Download v1.0.500

Legacy "Bellingham Heights improvements" versions:
Download v4.1.3
Download v4.0
Download v3.1
Download v3.0
Download v2.0
Download v1.0
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Re: [REL] Bellingham heights Improvements

#2 Post by JackBurton » 15 May 2020 19:27

Wow. The pictures look absolutely beautiful. I can't believe this is your first map mod. Can't wait to try it out.

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Re: [REL] Bellingham heights Improvements

#3 Post by Grizzly » 16 May 2020 00:55

Looks good, thanks for sharing!

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Re: [REL] Bellingham heights Improvements

#4 Post by ArTrailfanRaf214 » 16 May 2020 07:38

Is that compatible with Canadream and soon Promods Canada?
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Re: [REL] Bellingham heights Improvements

#5 Post by n1cky1992 » 16 May 2020 09:53

@JackBurton yeah, I can't believe myself that I made it)) So, enjoy it. I hope you will like it and I can continue working on it. I have plans to expand some Asphalt roads (to built WA 9 road to WA20 and I5).

@Grizzly you are welcome, man. Enjoy it.

@ArTrailfanRaf214 I really don't know about Canadream because I don't use that map. But probably not compatible because of map sectors in my mod can conflict with Canadream ones (0025-0018, 0024-0018). You can easily check if Canadream map has similar sectors in "map/usa" directory inside of the mod. And if that sectors are included in Canadream too so my map can be incompatible and it will be needed to make merge fix.
I only can say that my mod are compatible with US Expansion, Sierra Nevada, Pazz mod, Minor Urban Overhaul, Grand canyon mod. This is the map mods I use.

Now what about upcoming ProMods Canada: I think that nobody can tell it because it still WIP and not released yet.
Just a guy from Belarus. So my English are not so good. Sorry about it =)
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Re: [REL] Bellingham heights Improvements

#6 Post by flight50 » 16 May 2020 19:23

Nice. Someone finally opened up this road. It was pretty much complete so I really don't know why SCS is keeping it blocked off. I will have to check this mod out. Thanks.

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Re: [REL] Bellingham heights Improvements

#7 Post by Petar317 » 16 May 2020 22:15

This can work with CanadaDream, but it disconnects Vancouver from the rest of the world. Can you please make some kind of patch or fix for it? Thanks!

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Re: [REL] Bellingham heights Improvements

#8 Post by n1cky1992 » 17 May 2020 05:54

@flight50 You are welcome. Enjoy it. @Lexx has already been doing his mod with opening the road. But it was been done before SCS made some improvements there (one of them is that Peterbilt dealer changed to International one). So I just repeat this opening in my mod, plus have decided to built some small town for more diversity.

@Petar317 I don't wanna promise anything but I probably wiil try (my skills are still not so good for making connectors with other mods). But at least I definetely will try to make some fix.
Just a guy from Belarus. So my English are not so good. Sorry about it =)
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Re: [REL] Bellingham heights Improvements

#9 Post by Kenworth Gal » 19 May 2020 10:32

I feel dumb. How do you download this?

Double Post Merged

Never mind.... my Dark Mode extension was hiding the download button.

Thank you, I live in the area, I think we're talking about Van Zandt and Acme here. Appreciate the map!
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Re: [REL] Bellingham heights Improvements

#10 Post by Slow_73 » 21 May 2020 14:49

First of all thanks for creating this map nice job. I live in Bellingham and it is nice to see the city where I live remastered on SCS. I might have missed it but is this compat with Coast2Coast map?

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