Municipal Police Traffic Pack (update 30 Aug 2020)

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Re: Municipal Police Traffic Pack (update 30 Aug 2020)

#21 Post by Kw900 » 30 Aug 2020 19:28

@gabenz88 When Washington state was released, I didnt see any State Patrol Vehicles, only generics. SCS probably updated that after the fact. Either that or I just didn't see them and the cars just said "Police" on the side and were black cars. Also possible, it may have been an actual mod conflict on my part as well. Regardless, this game has come a long ways since I first stated playing. Thank you for posting the informative link. I didn't know they had that many by default.

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Re: Municipal Police Traffic Pack (update 30 Aug 2020)

#22 Post by mropods » 14 Sep 2020 08:27

How about downloading this mod with Steam Workshop Downloader and extracting it as a non-steam one? Does it work? Probably not. It must have been encrypted by Steam.

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Re: Municipal Police Traffic Pack (update 30 Aug 2020)

#23 Post by Cranlet » 15 Sep 2020 09:34

Great mod, the generic police cars have always bothered me, I'm glad we've got a mod to fix them.

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