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Re: Skinners Resources

#171 Post by digitizer » 22 Nov 2020 12:37

Ок, thanks for the answer

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Re: Skinners Resources

#172 Post by meistroracer88 » 29 Nov 2020 18:40

@Frontiersman I see the stickers you have...but there's a few I don't see. Wide turns or Stop at railtracks stickers.

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Re: Skinners Resources

#173 Post by Frontiersman » 19 Dec 2020 14:05

Only because those are fairly easy to grab online.

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Re: Skinners Resources

#174 Post by truckedup » 18 Mar 2021 02:03

@frontiersman im not ti computer savy learning but i could really use some help on this topic if you dont mind sending me a pm

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Re: Skinners Resources

#175 Post by Goggles56 » 27 Mar 2021 00:27

Thanks for making these available.

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Re: Skinners Resources

#176 Post by iuzarehm. » 15 Apr 2021 00:18

Sorry about that, i love this mod, but... how i use this in my trucks?
I am a little layman in this area...
Trucking and chill. BR.

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Re: Skinners Resources

#177 Post by SuchManor » 19 Apr 2021 03:48

Anyone have any good pictures for the EPA SmartWay sticker?
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Re: Skinners Resources

#178 Post by racer7331 » 08 May 2021 21:06

I made a generic Fire Extinguisher Inside decal. Anyone is welcome to use it.


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