First Attempt at a Themed Skin Set

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Re: First Attempt at a Themed Skin Set

#11 Post by Cadde » 26 Mar 2016 22:22

No need to make anything in a specific way for my sake. I am merely giving my feedback on what you made. I hope that came across in the right way as i am sometimes bad with conveying feelings/thoughts of that nature.

As it turns out, SCS has already showcased a steampunk truck and i think that pretty much sums up my ideas of what steampunk is.

Click for full size.

This definitely doesn't mean you shouldn't continue work on your own. I just think that image shows exactly what i expected to see when you said steampunk. Frames around the sleeper window, locker like artwork on the storage unit on the side, nuts and bolts running across the bumper, air vents and all kinds of details.

I am sure your steampunk paintjob will turn out great either way!
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