Interfriese Vlag Trailers (ATS)

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Interfriese Vlag Trailers (ATS)

#1 Post by De_Ruyter » 03 Oct 2020 21:58

Interfriese Vlag Trailers (ATS)


This mod is to add to the already uploaded Western Star truck mod although it can be used without that obviously. This mod will add the box trailers and some other vanilla trailers.
This pack will NOT receive paint jobs for trucks or mod trailers.
(NOTE: Scroll down or go to my Steam Workshop for the Western Star 49X paint job in the pictures!)

Current supported trailers

All vanilla box trailers
All vanilla hopper trailers
All vanilla chip van trailers

Planned trailers

Please do note that I can't really do much without Mod Studio 2 being updated and other trailers being added to the list. I do plan on other trailers, however I can't really work towards something MS2 can't handle (yet). It will be done when I can.

Paint advice for wheels:

Rims: #FFA600
(selected in photo's - front: Dynamic wide Paint)
(selected in photo's - rear: Dynamic Paint)
Wheel nuts: #20116C
(selected in photo's: Duke Paint)


In game needs

Skin costs: 15000
Unlock level: 10

I intentionally made it level 10 as you won't really be able to buy a trailer much earlier unless you cheat or get a loan.


Steam Workshop: ... 2247318355

Other mods:


Interfriese Vlag Western Star 49X ... 2245229796

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