MATCHBOX Skinpack for ATS Trucks and Trailer WIP Release

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MATCHBOX Skinpack for ATS Trucks and Trailer WIP Release

#1 Post by KieskutscherEF » 10 Nov 2020 08:18

...Einst in den 80er und 90er Jahren, als in den Kinderzimmern noch keiner was wusste von X-Box, Playstation,
Trucksimulatoren PC und so weiter...
Damals regierten oft auf Autoteppichen die sogenannten Matchbox Convoy Trucks die Spielstraßen auf den Böden der Kinder.
Auch für mich waren neben Siku Modellen auch die Convoy Trucks das Spielzeug als LKW Fan schlechthin. Die großen Laster
die man von der Straße kannte, aus Film und Fernsehen waren somit auch Stars in den Kinderzimmern.
Die einen oder anderen Spieler der Spiele Euro Trucksimulator 2 und American Trucksimulator kennen sie sicher auch noch,
daher habe ich mich mal rangesetzt die Zeiten in den American Trucksimulator zu bringen...
Das Set soll wenn es komplett ist, Trailer und Trucks im ATS beinhalten.

... Once in the 80s and 90s, when nobody in the children's rooms knew anything about X-Box, Playstation,
Truck simulators pc and so on ...
Back then, so-called Matchbox Convoy Trucks often ruled the play streets on the children's floors on car carpets.
For me, as well as Siku models, the convoy trucks were also the toy as a truck fan. The big vices
that you knew from the street, from film and television, were stars in the children's rooms.
One or the other player of the games Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator probably also know them,
that's why I set myself the task of bringing the times into the American truck simulator ...
When the set is complete, it should contain trailers and trucks in the ATS.

Available Paint Jobs:

KENWORTH K100E from Overfloater
MACK Anthem (SCS)

SCS BoxTrailer (Reefer, Dryvan, Isolated)

more coming soon

SO Friends, here the download link, please keep the Original Link and AUthor by Hosting on other Pages. Thamk You
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Re: MATCHBOX Skinpack for ATS Trucks and Trailer WIP

#2 Post by zippe » 10 Nov 2020 09:11

Great idea👍👍looks really good :)

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Re: MATCHBOX Skinpack for ATS Trucks and Trailer WIP

#3 Post by KieskutscherEF » 12 Nov 2020 07:27

So on, the SCS Foodtank is Ready now. So on in my first Post i'm Release the frst Pack of the MATCHBOX Convoy Skins.
Actually Available: Mack Anthem from SCS All Cabins, Kenworth K100 from Overfloater, Kenworth W900 from SCS also all cabins, The BoxLiner from SCS (Dryvan, Isolatet, Frigo) and the Foodtank.
I have planned to make next the P389 from SCS and the P389 from Viper 2, Western Star and Volvo an at last the Inernational Truck. The newer Pete and Kenni Trucks iam not sure..
So i hope you understand my terrible School English from over 17 yeasr ago :D

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Re: MATCHBOX Skinpack for ATS Trucks and Trailer WIP Release

#4 Post by spartan1178299 » 12 Nov 2020 13:51

good job instaling on my computer ^^

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