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Lost Virtual Skinworks US edition! (requests closed for now!)

Posted: 21 Nov 2020 04:17
by Lost Virtual

Hello there and welcome to my page! I like to make truck and trailer skins and share them to the public.
I Hope you like them :)

Feel free to use any part of my skins for your own work! (just please put my name in the credits)

I do ETS2 Trucks as well! my page for that is here!

Requests are closed for now! It will be back up when I get through most of my back log!

Trucks requests in queue 1

The more there are the longer it will be for me to do your requests. Here's a list of them in order!

released skins

1. Stop and Shop Volvo VNR combo pack

I also have a Steam Workshop page as well!


All my skins and requests are COMPLETELY FREE! But I do take donations here
which are greatly appreciated!

Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks US edition! (Open for requests!)

Posted: 21 Nov 2020 04:23
by Lost Virtual
For my first ats skin I thought I would make something that I see quite often... :)

Stop and Shop Volvo VNR combo pack




Comes with...

Volvo VNR ... 1833428947

and 2 scs 53 ft trailers

DOWNLOAD ... 0.scs.html

Steam Workshop ... earchtext=