Gear ratios

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Gear ratios

#1 Post by wolakseak15 » 02 Nov 2013 19:54

i have a problem. i want to change a gear ratios in ets 1 . i opened transmision.sii in base.scs/def/vehicle/accesories/ and changed gear ratios for mercedes actros. game crashing and i cannot change gear ratios;/ its a possible to change gear ratios in euro truck simulator 1 ?

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Re: Gear ratios

#2 Post by Scaniabebe » 19 Jan 2014 16:29

Under no circumstances should you ever change stuff within "base.scs". It will cause you to basically destroy your game.
Therefore, you need to reinstall ETS - open base.scs with a program like WinRAR and then extract all the files into a folder elsewhere (like on your Desktop).

Then, navigate to the file in your extracted base.scs... Edit it, but save it outside of your extract (means you can use it again). Then, create using folders - a navigation dictionary to where the file is located (so; "def/vehicle/accessories/") and place the file there. Then, archive the folders you just made (with the file inside) with Archive Format set to "ZIP", Compression Method set to "Store".. And the Archive Name set to "modnamehere.scs". The ".scs" means it'll create it into a .scs file and not a .zip file.

Then, place it in "Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod". Enjoy your game!
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Re: Gear ratios

#3 Post by A77 » 03 Feb 2021 14:30


If I'm not the only one who still plays Euro Truck Simulator ver 1.3 here is realistic transmission ratios for all Volvo, Scania, Renault and Mercedes trucks. Real Renault and Mercedes trucks don't have 14-speed transmissions so A Class Renault and Mercedes have 16-speed transmissions. Also transmission of C Class Scania has changed to 8-speed version. Final drive ratios are matched so that C Class trucks go 80 km/h when engine speed is about 2000 r/min and A Class trucks go 90 km/h with engine speed is slightly over 1500 r/min, B Class trucks are closer to A Class than C Class.

When creating compressed "modnamehere.scs" file in directory "Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod" put modified "transmission_visual.sii" file in directory "def/vehicle/" and "transmission.sii" in directory "def/vehicle/accessories/".

So, next time you buy a new truck you should have new realistic ratios. Enjoy. :)

Realistic ratios of Volvo, Scania, Mercedes and Renault
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8-speed and 16-speed visual data added
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