Multiple reverse gears

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Multiple reverse gears

#1 Post by A77 » 31 Aug 2019 11:56

With help of topic "Gear Ratios" I have succesfully made modified copy of transmission.sii file and located it in mod folder. So now my Euro Truck Simulator's standard trucks have same transmission ratios as real Scania, Volvo, Renault and Mercedes Benz trucks. But there is one more thing. Is it possible to get multiple reverse gears in Euro Truck Simulator?

In real 9-speed transmission main gearbox has 4 gears plus crawler and reverse and it's together with 2-speed range-change unit (4x2+1 forward gears). So altotogether you have 2 reverse gears (one in low and one in high range). In 14-speed transmission there is not only range-change unit but also splitter unit (2x3x2+2 forward gears) so there are 4 reverse gears altogether. In 12- and 16-speed transmissions number of reverse gears (2 or 4) depends on whether high range reverse gears are usable or not (too fast).

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Re: Multiple reverse gears

#2 Post by Cadde » 31 Aug 2019 16:53

Yes, in your profile folder you should have custom transmission layouts. Search the forum for that?
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