Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means??

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Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means??

#1 Post by upstatenytruckfan » 23 Jun 2021 01:43

Date : 22/06/2021 18:31:23

Message : DirectXTex failed for some reason:

Code: Select all

StackTrace :    at ModsStudio2Library.Utils.Managers.ProcessManager.ExecuteTexConv(String processStarPath, String processStartInfo, String workingDirectory) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Library\Utils\Managers\ProcessManager.cs:line 25
   at ModsStudioLib.Files.Dds.ImageToDds(Image originalImage, String outputPath, OutputImageFormat outputFormat, String imageTempDirectory) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Library\Files\Dds.cs:line 76
   at ModsStudio2Library.Logic.Actions.ImportImage.Execute(Template template) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Library\Logic\Actions\ImportImage.cs:line 98
   at ModsStudio2Library.Models.Template.Build(VariableList enviroment) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Library\Models\Template.cs:line 33
   at ModsStudio2Library.Models.ScsMod.ScsProject.Build(VariableList enviromentVariables) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Library\Models\ScsMod\ScsProject.cs:line 64
   at ModsStudio2Core.Logic.Build.BuildProjectFile(String inputPath, String outputPath) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Core\Logic\Build.cs:line 70
   at ModsStudio2Core.CLI.BuildOptionsHandler.ParseOptions(BuildOptions opts) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Core\CLI\BuildOptions.cs:line 47
   at ModsStudio2Core.Program.<>c.<ProcessInput>b__3_2(BuildOptions opts) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Core\Program.cs:line 104
   at CommandLine.ParserResultExtensions.WithParsed[T](ParserResult`1 result, Action`1 action)
   at ModsStudio2Core.Program.ProcessInput(String[] args) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Core\Program.cs:line 95
   at ModsStudio2Core.Program.Main(String[] args) in D:\Sources\ModsStudio2\ModsStudio2Core\Program.cs:line 76

Im just trying to put one simple logo on the door. Its the 72' Western Start 49x long sleeper. The only image i am trying to put on is an outline of the united states i saved off google. Its an outline in orange against the dark green of my truck. I uploaded the imagine in first to edit it and put some text in the middle of it. I saved it as a dds file. Did i go wrong there? Im just trying to put one logo on each door. Any help would be appricated. Very

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Re: Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means??

#2 Post by upstatenytruckfan » 24 Jun 2021 23:15

Really? no one can give me any direction on why im getting these error messages when i try and export? I do everything just like they do in the youtube videos. I fill evetything in in the mod studio. when i browse for the skin file i can find it and upload it into the studio just fine. Its just when i try to export the files, it tells me it failed and for the above reasons. Are you suppose to export them to the regular mods folder, or do i need to add a new folder to ATS? I tried just painting the truck and adding 10 letters of text on the door, still nothing. What am i doing wrong?

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Re: Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means??

#3 Post by Alarthon » 25 Jun 2021 13:35

Probably best to ask in mod studio's forum post. viewtopic.php?f=123&t=274650

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Re: Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means??

#4 Post by plykkegaard » 25 Jun 2021 14:07

Generic program error probably a component missing on your PC
Check with the author
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