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Moving sectors to updated map

Posted: 04 Oct 2020 19:59
by Redline090
So I did some edits to a map with the modders permission. He came out with an update and I'm having trouble moving the sectors I edited over to the updated version. I use the usa.mbd file within the maps mods folder to load my map in. I tried moving my sectors from the USA folder in the old verison to the USA folder in the updated version. My edited sectors are not there. Is there a way to move the sectors that are in the usa.mbd file over to the updated maps usa.mbd folder?

Re: Moving sectors to updated map

Posted: 05 Oct 2020 12:41
by PaZz_
If you have edited the same sectors, you have to decide whether you're using your or his sectors. There's no easier way to merge contents of the same sector than manual copy & paste.

Just to clarify: The .mbd file doesn't contain any sector data. It's only used to load a map in the editor.

If you're planning to overwrite specific parts of his work with your work, then copy and replace the desired sector files to his map folder..

Re: Moving sectors to updated map

Posted: 06 Oct 2020 00:57
by Redline090
I must have did something wrong then because thats exactly what I did within the USA folder that sits above the usa.mbd file. After I did that, tried to load in the map with the usa.mbd file and my sectors were not there