Roads Missing in Viva Mexico and Mexico Extremo

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Roads Missing in Viva Mexico and Mexico Extremo

#1 Post by Hotwired05 » 28 Nov 2020 22:42

Hello. I have an issue where the top part of Mexico (Viva Mexico I think) does not connect to the bottom part of Mexico (Mexico Extremo). The roads are missing and there are no connections. When I drive to the where the road ends the truck falls through. I've tried everything I can think of spending over 4 hours at this point with no result.

I am running ATS 1.39 with all DLC's, and latest updates of all the mods.
The loading order I have is:

CanaDream 2.11.9,
Coast 2 Coast 2.11.10,
US Expansion v2.7,
Reforma and C2C compatability patch v.2,
Mega Resources C2C Patch,
Mega Resources 2.1.19,
Reforma Sierra Nevada 2.2.29,
PaZzMod - Viva Mexico Legacy Patch v1.0.
Reforma Mexico Extremo 2.1.18,
Viva Mexico Legacy v2.0.8,
PaZzMod 1.4.00.

The only other non-map mod I have is the Sensible Traffic Mod and its the last in the loading order. I tried disabling it with no changes. I cannot change this load order or game will crash when opening map. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Roads Missing in Viva Mexico and Mexico Extremo

#2 Post by PaZz_ » 29 Nov 2020 17:37

Viva Mexico does need to go above Mexico Extremo as shown here

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