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[Idea, need feedback] Covid-19 Freight mod?

Posted: 18 Apr 2020 03:46
by Long Haul Gamer
I have been strongly considering making a Covid-19 related mod.

It would add the things that are essential, such as ventilators, gloves, gowns, hospital beds, and also too Refrigerated Freight too, I would love to get as detailed as possible. Such as only reefer freight to Walbert's and stores that sell actual, food.

This would be mainly for those who own trailers. I could try to do it for the freight market too.

It wouldn't be a standalone, just one that added these things.

Here is the problem: I've never created a mod in my life! :shock: I've edited other people mods, for private use only. But, never a new one.

I just need some minor assistance from someone...(directories, file names and so forth.)


P.S. I'd like it to work with ALL map mods and make one for use with ETS2 as well. :)

Re: [Idea, need feedback] Covid-19 Freight mod?

Posted: 18 Apr 2020 20:46
by yukonjack_ak
That wouldn't be too hard to achieve especially since you don't have to model any loads (all enclosed in the van so no gravel, sand, etc).

You're talking about some simple sii file edits for the most part. I'd recommend checking out a trailer mod that has custom cargo loads to use as a template. Smarty's trailers are really well done so maybe the Tremcar or the Peerless would be good examples...

Important files you'll need to modify or create are:
- A cargo "manifest" file: def\cargo.covid.sii (for example). That will tell the game to load the new cargoes into the market.
- A file for the cargo itself: def\cargo\ventalators.sii, def\cargo\hospitalequip.sii, etc. That will be the details of the specific load itself like how much it weighs and how much it pays per mile, etc.
- Company file additions to add the loads for pickup/drop-off: def\company\wal_whs\in\ventalators.sii, def\company\aport_abq\out\ventalators.sii, etc. This will tell the game where you can pick up your loads and what places will take them.
- Finally some cargo icons: material\ui\cargo_icons\, material\ui\cargo_icons\, etc. You'll need to make matching tobj and mat files to go with them. I'd recommend "borrowing" some from your example/template mod and editing them. DDS can be edited with Paint.Net. MAT files edit with Notepad++. TOBJ with TOBJEdit. All of those are free!

Then of course, just pack in a zip with a manifest and all that.

Re: [Idea, need feedback] Covid-19 Freight mod?

Posted: 20 Apr 2020 02:35
by Long Haul Gamer
@yukonjack_ak Only problem I would have is the icons.. I can't draw for crap! :-)

Re: [Idea, need feedback] Covid-19 Freight mod?

Posted: 20 Apr 2020 03:04
by yukonjack_ak
@Long Haul Gamer Neither can I... but my google-foo is pretty good. ;)

Search for a PNG or JPG, then edit/resize it to match the icons from the "template mod" and save it as a DDS.

Re: [Idea, need feedback] Covid-19 Freight mod?

Posted: 20 Apr 2020 18:32
by Long Haul Gamer
@yukonjack_ak Google-foo.. Ha! :lol:

Re: [Idea, need feedback] Covid-19 Freight mod?

Posted: 19 May 2020 21:21
by tattooedbacon
So, did you ever make this mod? I think it's a great idea.