Map Editor Camera Help

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Map Editor Camera Help

#1 Post by Bruin0619 » 20 Jul 2020 20:53

I am just learning how to work with the map editor, and I am trying to look at a sector I just created. When I switch my camera to free from top down, I move my mouse in one direction and the camera moves 360 degrees. I can't control where it goes. Anything I can do to control that camera?

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Re: Map Editor Camera Help

#2 Post by PaZz_ » 20 Jul 2020 21:23

That doesn't sound like normal behavior.
You can switch between free and top-down camera by pressing c. In free-cam mode you can control movement by using keys W,A,S,D and direction by holding the right mouse button while moving the mouse. You can also control the movement speed by console command "g_flyspeed [value]" (default is 100. Source).

If you're not able to solve this, it might help to reset the editor's configuration. You can do that by deleting the folder "editor" in "Documents/American Truck Simulator".

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Re: Map Editor Camera Help

#3 Post by Blackspots » 21 Jul 2020 01:33

@Bruin0619 What @PaZz_ said. Use the WASD keys while using the mouse. The mouse only rotates the camera. Also, the mouse wheel controls camera fly speed.
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