ATS Real Logos project (update 13 October 2018)

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ATS Real Logos project (update 13 October 2018)

#1 Post by Keeper » 05 Feb 2016 09:06

I was annoyed by an "Araon's" billboard, so extracted game files and found a few other close facsimiles of real logos, and decided to begin modifying them to show their real-world counterparts. Some were a bit tricky, like this beat-up and vandalized billboard that had a fictional "FAPA Auto Parts" logo, which I have changed to the real-world "NAPA Auto Parts" logo -- here's a before-and-after image:

With this mod I only intend to change parody signs in the game to their real-world counterparts. So, whatever SCS made that is an obvious close approximation to a real company logo (such as you see above), that is what I will change. I will not arbitrarily add a real logo that wasn't already intended to be there.

Changes finished:

Changed Stahl to Stihl and Tonda to Honda
Der Blaureiher changed to Blue Heron (Coos Bay) but bird is still wrong shape
Corrected ads on Egyptian Theatre marquees (Coos Bay)
Name restored to sign of Pelican Pub & Brewery (Cloverdale)
Ye Olde Cattle changed to Ye Olde Castle (Burns)
Taxidermist sign in Burns changed to real-life Sewell's Taxidermy sign
Heart's changed to Love's
GP changed to BP (including credit card ad, Shop sign, etc.)
San Diego Super Donuts changed to San Diego's Finest Donuts
Odacomm Stadium changed to Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego)
Onion Bank changed to Union Bank (Qualcomm Stadium)
Sasuan changed to Sycuan (Qualcomm Stadium)
Beclan Suites changed to Declan Suites (San Diego)
SCS Bank changed to Union Bank (San Diego)
El Gomez hotel changed to El Cortez (San Diego)
BurntFoodsStock barn changed to BurntWoodsStock
Tough Transit van changed to Ford Transit Van
Fnox News van changed to Fox News, using local-channel style logo but replacing channel number with new Fox searchlight design so the van remains generic enough (otherwise the wrong channel number for a particular city would be seen)
FatEx Express van changed to FedEx Ground (breaking tradition here as I already made a FedEx Express larger truck; I thought FedEx Ground would be more appropriate for this smaller van)
DUL van changed to DHL
CNB News van changed to NBC (ironically, the texture is called CBS)
Fun Mountain Center changed to Sun Mountain Fun Center, with other corrections to sign (Bend)
Phillo Inn changed to Shilo Inn
Root Farm changed to Boot Barn
Corrected logo of Columbia River Maritime Museum (Astoria)
PAPA Auto Care changed to NAPA Auto Care (turns out texture isn't used; 3D models make this sign)
Meddy's changed to Wendy's
Tiger Express changed to Panda Express
Amigo Computers changed to Amiga Computers
Taco-Man and Spice Invaders changed to Pac-Man and Space Invaders
Some corrections to fake ads too, e.g. changing "I make home calls" to "I make house calls"; changing "Ol‘ Bollo" to "Ol’ Bollo".
Funkin' Donuts changed to Dunkin' Donuts
Barkin Poppins changed to Baskin Robbins
Albuquerque Annual Balloon Festival changed to Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
KFCG billboard changed to KBCQ (Roswell)
Lachita changed to La Cita (Tucumcari) with some artistic license because the hat is taller in game than in real life
Lowa Cinema changed to Loma Cinema (Socorro)
Don Carrey Tower changed to Don Garey Tower (Hobbs)
Lia Theater changed to Zia Theater, and replaced alien with correct cowboy (Fort Sumner)
Added missing text to E. Sweet sign (Fort Sumner)
Drake's Hotaburger changed to Blake's Lotaburger (changed face to be closer to real logo too)
Anastazi Inn changed to Anasazi Inn (wish I could make the howling coyote cleaner)
The Dorick Fleer plaque changed to The Derrick Floor (Artesia)
MUTT construction equipment changed to CAT
Nudged hotel/casino changed to Nugget (Reno)
Halley-Davidsoon changed to Harley-Davidson
Snow Cap changed to Delgadillo's Snow Cap (not quite right font though)
ESPN and HBO names restored to Hill Top Motel sign (Kingman)
Mr. M'z changed to Mr. D'z (Kingman)
Chemron changed to Chevron, with correct Delo ads and credit card ads on station buildings (gas station awnings still read "Chemron" as that's done via 3D modeling -- not textures)
Yellow/red gas station given Shell logo (but I haven't seen this one appear in game anywhere yet)
UDS van changed to UPS
BFLM locomotive changed to BNSF (with thanks to QBall3577 for providing the RGB part of the new texture)
Dear John 2517 changed to John Deere 8110
Komat's Sun changed to Komatsu (Stockton)
Dep Boy changed to Pep Boys (Stockton)
Nam Nam Donuts changed to Yum Yum Donuts (Stockton)
Deldago Tires changed to Delgado Tires (Stockton)
Oakland Shippers changed to Port of Oakland
Vine Creek Vineyard changed to Tablas Creek Vineyard
Herren Rentals changed to Ahern Rentals
Hotel Holiday changed to Holiday Inn (Los Angeles)
Cuovo Silver changed to Cuervo Silver (Los Angeles)
Mac changed to Jack in the Box (Los Angeles)
Drive Aid changed to Rite Aid (Los Angeles)
Safe Personal Storage changed to Public Storage
Halgreens changed to Walgreens (Reno)
Colorado casino changed to El Dorado (Reno)
Jarrahs changed to Harrah's (Reno) including fake "Zone 22" logo to real "Zone 21" logo
"Glove" show poster changed "Love" (Las Vegas) but game pastes fake text on it
The Miracle changed to The Mirage (Las Vegas)
Monte Bianco changed to Monte Carlo (Las Vegas)
Mandela Bay Hotel changed to Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas)
Nailhouse motel changed to Jailhouse (Ely)
Hotel Navada changed to Hotel Nevada (still wrong font and the donkey is wrong gender! Also model change needed to fix front sign)
Added Greyhound dog logo to Greyhound bus station (Fresno)
Martin's Pub changed to Carl's Jr. (Fresno)
Dream Drink changed to Coca Cola (Fresno)
Saskia Motel changed to Sands Motel (Fresno); "MOTEL" font is wrong though
Speed 9 changed to Super 8 (Fresno)
Penny's changed to Wendy's (Fresno)
Farland bus changed to Greyhound
N-Hool box truck changed to U-Haul
CarZone changed to AutoZone
FAPA Auto Parts billboard changed to NAPA Auto Parts
Araon's changed to Aaron's
PostEd van changed to FedEx

Planned changes yet to make:

West Coast Tour bus change to Coach USA
VOX theatre change to FOX theatre (Bakersfield)
Marula Airshow change to Madera Airshow (Fresno)
Hard Book Cafe change to Hard Rock Cafe (Pier 39)
Palace to Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas)
Triumph to Trump (Las Vegas) -- don't forget the lighting
The Gregorian Hotel change to The Georgian Hotel (Los Angeles)
Change Joshua's to Joseph's (Santa Rosa, NM)
Change Rays Ice Crem Parlor to Roy's Ice Cream Parlor (Carrizozo)
Change Benny's Diner to Penny's Diner (Vaughn)
Change Flame Rock Casino to Fire Rock Casino (Church Rock)
Will look into changing Global Mills to General Mills, if 3D objects allow

What I'd like to see done but can't be fixed via textures:

Change Portland Cargo Central to PDX Cargo Center
Change Freakin Coyote to Firkin & Fox in Carson City
Change SaleMart to SaveMart
Change IFLOP to IHOP
Change Sunny Land theatre to Land Sun theatre

What needs to be done but I don't have the talent for it:
Change the sexy female miner sign in Ely to the correct burly male miner

If you have satan19990's Real Gas Stations mod, you can use this mod with it. Put this mod at a higher priority and you'll get the Delo ads and real credit card ads on his Chevron stations.


Unfortunately I couldn't do the U-Haul box truck as nicely as I wanted to because it re-uses the logo space for different parts of the truck, thus I couldn't move the logo to where it needs to be, and the rest of the left-side texture is mirrored on the right, so I had to remove extra text and the "Only $19.99" price tag design that I had put on originally.

Anyway, here's a link to the standalone version of the mod:

You can see some screenshots on the page for the Steam Workshop version: ... =647331692
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Re: ATS Real Logos project

#2 Post by barrett217 » 05 Feb 2016 10:07

The store that is in some of the towns that have a big "W" on it. Can you change it to Walmart or Walmart Supercenter.
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Re: ATS Real Logos project

#3 Post by Einjzmolf » 05 Feb 2016 11:47

I love that you kept the weathered look on the NAPA sign, keeps the vanilla feel with more immersion.

Big reason these mods usually annoy me is, the author would completely retexture it solid blue.. blegh.

Looking forward to updates, love it so far :)

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Re: ATS Real Logos project

#4 Post by Spooky » 05 Feb 2016 13:57

One that caught my eye was the make of the construction equipment that is parked around, or even on trailers - 'MUTT' is obviously supposed to be 'CAT'!!

I'd change it myself if I knew what I was doing ...

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Re: ATS Real Logos project

#5 Post by Flywheel » 05 Feb 2016 21:24

Hi Keeper thanks for taking this project on, it is a really important one so I hope you keep at it over time, regards Peter

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Re: ATS Real Logos project

#6 Post by jackalbite » 06 Feb 2016 00:20

Thank you, Keeper!!! I've been waiting for this!!! Vastly improves the immersion of the game world... as others have said, hope you keep at it! :D

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Re: ATS Real Logos project

#7 Post by shortspecialbus » 06 Feb 2016 00:30

This is really nice, much better than I expected for such a quick fix! Very impressed. A suggestion of one to do would be the scales that are at the occasional interstate-side gas station. Those are usually CAT scales, at least in the midwest.

Thanks so much!

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Re: ATS Real Logos project

#8 Post by kimmiez » 06 Feb 2016 00:44

Thanks for the work you have been doing and sharing, I hope this little bit of research will help. I tried to locate transparent images where possible, guessing that they might be easier to work with, but I hope at least one of these will be helpful to you!

Thanks again,

Keeper wrote: What I'd like to do but haven't found the textures (if you know where I can find them, please let me know!):
Put correct logo on Grand Sierra Resort in Reno: Change Freakin Coyote to Firkin & Fox in Carson City Change Chemron gas stations to Chevron Change SaleMart to SaveMart Change Coelho billboard to Cuervo: (far too many varieties available, not sure which might help)
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Re: ATS Real Logos project

#9 Post by Keeper » 06 Feb 2016 05:54

I can find the real textures easily enough (especially for Firkin & Fox as it's just down the street from my house!). It's the current textures in ATS that I haven't found yet. I've gone through all the DDS files in the base.scs, I think. Maybe the things I haven't found are in core.scs. I'll have to unpack that and have a poke around.

As for keeping the torn-up look of the NAPA sign instead of taking the easy way out and making solid blue... yeah, I never take the easy way out! The FedEx van, for example, could have been done quickly by whiting out the PostEd logo and slapping FedEx on there, but that would have erased all the little rivets that are on the side panel. You never really see those rivets as you're rarely close enough, but they're supposed to be there, so I painstakingly made sure to replace every single rivet (both in the RGB and in the alpha environment mapping). I also made sure to change the "Delivered On Time" slogan on the doors to the correct "The World On Time", etc. Unfortunately, the mapping of the U-Haul van prevented me from making it realistic. The one panel gets mirrored on the other side and parts of the front and back, apart from the exact location of the logo, which is a wrong location. So all the "Gentle-Ride Van" and other text and graphics I originally made had to be removed from that one.

I also never use pure colors. When making textures for a graphics engine that has dynamic lighting and shading, you need to give the graphics engine room to breathe. So blue is never 0,255,0, but something like 15,230,15 for example. If you make a white object and texture it at 255,255,255, it'll look like it's glowing in the game engine. Light can't be added to something that's already maxed out. Likewise, shadow can't be added to something that's already 0,0,0, thus anything you want to be black needs to be painted actually a very dark gray. It's amazing how many people don't take this into account and use pure colors in their textures; it creates a cartoony appearance. Desaturate, desaturate, desaturate!

As for the Wallbert needing to be Wal-Mart: This is true, but as it's a working business in the game, it's not quite as simple as changing a texture. I'd have to do some serious research to see how to change all in-game references. Certainly I could change the store logo and the trailers, but I don't want to do that unless the in-game references are changed to match.

There is another change I'd like to make, and that is to the police cars. It's goofy having city police cars patrolling the highways, as well as having them so far from their jurisdictions. I think I can safely re-texture the Los Angeles Police Department car to be California Highway Patrol, and the Las Vegas Police Department to be Nevada Highway Patrol, as they only spawn in their respective states I think, but the problem child is the San Francisco Police Department car; it is spawned throughout both northern California and northern Nevada. (EDIT: Actually, no it isn't; there's a fourth police car with a generic star logo which is nearly identical to the SFPD logo; thus I thought I was seeing SFPD in Reno when in fact it was the generic car.) I don't yet know how to control where an AI car spawns. That the police cars also are used as in-game speed traps makes it more than just spawning to worry about. Ideally, I suppose, it would be nice to add the state highway patrol cars separately and keep the three city police cars but have them only spawn within their respective city limits. This sounds like a job for JazzyCat...!

Here's a couple screenshots showing more of what's in this little mod thus far -- the Farland bus now correctly textured as Greyhound, the CarZone billboard now correctly textured as AutoZone, and the Araon's billboard now correctly textured as Aaron's. A little artistic licence on that last one. Instead of the plain logo with the "Furniture, Electronics, Computers" text on the bottom, I went with a design featuring their popular Lucky Dog mascot.

I'll have to get a shot of the FedEx van too. I forgot to take one when I finally found the van and smashed into it last night to get a good look at it.
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Re: ATS Real Logos project

#10 Post by kimmiez » 06 Feb 2016 06:35

And your last post is a vivid example of why your work looks so incredible! The attention to detail, and pride and how thorough you are with the work is astounding.
Being new to these simulators, I've been eagerly reading every thing I can, learning as much as I can, particularly about the modding. I like to jump right in and try to participate when I'm trying to learn more about something, and this is a perfect example.
I had read your first post and only hoped that i might stumble across some useful texture, even if by pure luck because unfortunately I was born colorblind (luckily not B/W colorblind!), But I thought, who knows maybe I'll trip over something useful. But in any case...i now know you weren't meaning that kind of stock bland texture at all, but rather a texture resource within ATS....which will now lead me to researching more about that :)

You spoke of the police cars, and I had thought the exact same thing you mentioned as I explored the roadways yesterday. It would be incredible to see a CHP vehicle on the highway, or an LAPD cruiser downtown, or even an LA County Sheriff car patrolling a neighborhood!

That Greyhound bus is really impressive though. In my youth I traveled all over California on Greyhound buses, and a couple California to Florida trips on those lots of memories and miles for me cramped up in a few, and yours looks like it could actually have been one of them lol

Well, thank you very much for all the work you put into your projects...i hope you dont mind if I stalk around the images you share!

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