New Summer Graphics & Weather v1.0

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Re: New Summer Graphics & Weather v1.0

#61 Post by Housewrecker » 03 May 2020 20:15

On my big screen the mod looks great. 👍

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Re: New Summer Graphics & Weather v1.0

#62 Post by Kaminari » 04 May 2020 20:14

The blue haze looks great as it enhances perspective and also alleviates distant clipping.
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Re: New Summer Graphics & Weather v1.0

#63 Post by Rocksteady » 23 May 2020 06:03

I agree with @RonBurgundy. It's too much "bluensity" on the horizon, especially in cab view. I think on the current SCS graphics generation this haze is superfluous and looks like bad masking a drawing distance.
It needs a more neutral color, reduced density and more distance from the player so as not to distort the perspective

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Re: New Summer Graphics & Weather v1.0

#64 Post by Flat1977 » 31 May 2020 19:20

Is the Summer-Mod compatible with JBX?


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Re: New Summer Graphics & Weather v1.0

#65 Post by hypervoodoo77 » 23 Jun 2020 17:15

Hi Grimes

I tried your mod on the 1.38 beta and I just have red skybox.
Is this due to playing on 1.38? Probably just answered my own question haha
If not what can cause this?


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Re: New Summer Graphics & Weather v1.0

#66 Post by Todor Alin » 24 Jun 2020 13:13

SCS added new material for stars on skybox model, that's the reason for red textures !!! But, Blender do not suport this new attribute for sky effect, so, must wait !!!
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Re: New Summer Graphics & Weather v1.0

#67 Post by RonBurgundy » 30 Jun 2020 18:47

grimes wrote:
03 May 2020 19:52
RonBurgundy - Do you mean this? I was going for more of a summer haze look which give distant objects a bluish tint rather than fog.

Yes this . But I think that haze is way too strong . Maybe you could make Summer and Spring without any haze and call it VR version , because for VR it is very important to have that clean look or as little as possible haze . Also I think Spring mod could have longer days , or if possible (I don't know) let the sun go down but keep brightness until the sun reaches horizon. I like how spring looks , but days are very short , normal brightness maybe only 4-5h, the rest of 24h are too dark .

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Re: New Summer Graphics & Weather v1.0

#68 Post by grimes » 01 Jul 2020 22:18

RonBurgundy - I'm revamping the weather for this mod at the moment which includes reducing the haze. In terms of the spring mod the length of day is controlled by the game engine and is determined by geographic location and time of year. Spring mod is set at the end of April but you can change this by opening the mod, find the env_data.sii file which is in the def folder, open it and change the day_in_year attribute, for example adding 30 would give you the daylight hours for the end of May.

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