[REL] Money and XP Cheat for ATS v1.38.1

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Re: [REL] Money and XP Cheat for ATS v1.38.1

#11 Post by Vinnie Terranova » 16 Oct 2020 13:16

@TheBehavior You're welcome!

@Blackspots The problem with that kind of mod is that it doesn't work with existing profiles; it works only with a profile you just create.
But in fact the economy of ATS and ETS2 is so easy, that a money and/or xp cheat mod is only useful if you are in a hurry. But then: ATS and ETS2 are typically games to relax.
The only reason to use this kind of cheat mods might be when you want to create some test profiles, to test other mods before using those mods in your main profile.

A few weeks ago I deleted all of my profiles, just to start over with one vanilla main profile, and one or two modded profiles. But because I was used to play with profiles with a lot of money and xp, I didn't want to start over from scratch. And therefore I used my cheat mod to quickly get a lot of xp which I need in order to buy one of the better and more expensive trucks with best chassis, engine and transmission. As the better ones are unlocked only when you have reached a certain xp level, my mod came in handy. Also, in order to buy a garage and one of the more expensive trucks I quickle needed quite some money. So that was the reason I created a mod like this.

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