Unable to discover part of map in Reno [FIXED]

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Unable to discover part of map in Reno [FIXED]

#1 Post by krmarci » 04 Mar 2016 06:00

The barrier is so close, that I can't access one tile behind it.
It must be reproducible, I think.

UPDATE: Someone added that it's fixed, but it isn't!
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Re: Unable to discover part of map in Reno [NOT FIXED!]

#2 Post by Loutis » 07 Mar 2016 09:07

just to be sure that we understand each other, it is fixed in our current version, it will be fixed in your next version once update is out. If I put FIXED into your post please understand that it IS fixed regardless of your actual experience.

So don't fight me on this, thanks for reporting it, we told about it to guys that build maps (they use shovels a lot) and they moved it so you are able to discover it, for now you can pretend you do and wait a bit for new version where you actually can discover that little bit of map, so no worries :)
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