Mack Anthem fix (v1.2 - 26.06.2019)

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Mack Anthem fix (v1.2 - 26.06.2019)

#1 Post by Harven » 15 Sep 2018 23:22

Here's the fixed version of Franck Peru's Mack Anthem. I have tested it in ATS 1.32 - you can try it with 1.31 but I can't guarantee it will work. For the first release I only fixed some major issues, there is still a lot of things I would like to fix but that will take some time. I'm sharing the mod with you now so you can already use the truck while I can work one the next version. Since the baked model error is fixed it should consume less fps but that's the only optimisation I did so far. If your FPS is low, remember to remove hood mirros and side mirror. Also make sure that you have g_baked_vehicle set to 1 and g_phys_mirrors set to 0. I separated the AI truck from the mod so you can decide if you want it or not. The AI truck has around 270k triangles no matter what LOD so it can hit your FPS as well.

Before you activate this mod, load your profile with the old mod enabled and sell the truck. Then disable old mod, activate this one and buy the truck again.

v1.2 (current) for 1.35
Truck: ... z4GFeiMyO9
AI (optional): ... y2NKE9mx8q (will not work without the truck mod, put it above the truck in mod manager)

v1.1.1 (old) for 1.34
Truck: ... 2xYkfsCxYa
AI (optional): ... Tez_CLD_q4 (will not work without the truck mod, put it above the truck in mod manager)

Template: ... Onv1CjWMLt
Sounds by Kriechbaum (must have - will be integrated in a future version): viewtopic.php?f=212&t=260944

  • Updated all models and animations to the latest format version,
  • Updated wipers setting,
  • Fixed black textures bug,
  • Fixed fuel tank sizes to match chassis variant descriptions,
  • Integrated Kriechbaum's Mack MP engine sounds,
  • Integrated Piva's dashboard computer
v1.1.1 (quick fix)
  • Fixed exterior sounds gone after changing the engine
  • Fixed all errors and warnings (one warning left: <WARNING> [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading '/vehicle/truck/mack_anthem_2018/truck.pmg' with size 34167068 - that's becase the model is so big, even though I moved cabin mesh to a separate model),
  • Removed all unused files,
  • Removed duplicate textures and moved all textures to one folder,
  • Fixed windows (exterior and interior),
  • Removed that greenish tint from headlights,
  • Fixed interior position to match truck exterior (the interior was moved to the back and down),
  • Fixed interior camera position and rotation,
  • Fixed some animations (there are still wipers to fix and some switches to add),
  • Adjusted the center of steering wheels so they turn less wobbly,
  • Fixed position of steering column sticks,
  • Fixed scale of the dash computer,
  • Changed some materials so that steering column stick and parking brake knobs no longer light up,
  • Removed two mDrive transissions as they have same ratios as HD versions - so there was no difference in game,
  • Fixed gear ratios of mDrive HD transmissions (some of them were wrong),
  • Fixed UV mapping artifacts on the edge between hood and fenders,
  • Remade all cabin colliders to better match the model (Peru used kenworth t680 colliders),
  • Fixed advanced coupling colliders in all chassis variants,
  • Changed 5th wheel angle and added missing texture to it,
  • Replaced air noises with stock ones (there was like one noise repeating all the time - very annoying),
  • Added truck browser icon,
  • Changed names of cabins to real ones.
  • Some changes to the chassis variants (in the future version I plan to leave only one wheel base as the real truck has no option to change it (it has shorter wheel base for day cab - but the mod has no day cab :))
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Re: Mack Anthem fix (v1.1)

#2 Post by Denzo » 15 Sep 2018 23:43

thank you

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Re: Mack Anthem fix (v1.1)

#3 Post by jarryed » 16 Sep 2018 00:08

Thank you @Harven. Looking forward to the next update.

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Re: Mack Anthem fix (v1.1)

#4 Post by LincolnCFCruz » 16 Sep 2018 00:32

For me it seems like a miracle


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Re: Mack Anthem fix (v1.1)

#5 Post by TheBanditMan67 » 16 Sep 2018 00:33

mate, you are a legend

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Re: Mack Anthem fix (v1.1)

#6 Post by Winchester1979 » 16 Sep 2018 00:36

Thank you for this. There's still a bunch of work to be done in properly naming the accessories, a lot of the options have the same names and you have to click on them to figure out what the difference is. And I really can't wait for the chassis corrections, basically as far as I can tell this truck should only have the following options available:

6x4 237 gallon
6x4 284 gallon

Both of which should be six inches longer than the one currently available for the 48-inch sleeper.

I'm going to re-buy my truck now and see how it drives. Happy trucking everyone!

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Re: Mack Anthem fix (v1.1)

#7 Post by jarryed » 16 Sep 2018 00:41

Has anyone found a working template for this truck yet? In the meantime...I will edit out something from the skin pack.

Edited: Thanks for the template link Harven!

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Re: Mack Anthem fix (v1.1.1)

#8 Post by tonyire57 » 16 Sep 2018 01:00

Thanks Harven

I love your work a big fan

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Re: Mack Anthem fix (v1.1.1)

#9 Post by Harven » 16 Sep 2018 01:01

@Winchester1979 yes I know, names are wrong, icons aren't there, some options are made up (like mack mp10 engines) - it's all to be fixed at some point :)
@jarryed - updated first post with a link to the template - it's 8192x8192 so you better scale it down ;) It only works with 70 inch sleeper cab. 48 inch sleeper UVs are currently messed up...

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Re: Mack Anthem fix (v1.1.1)

#10 Post by GetForkStabbed » 16 Sep 2018 01:19

@Harven If it isnt a whole lot of trouble could we possible get a working template for the 48 inch top sleeper. The original template doesnt seem to want to work with that type of cab. Also i really appreciate your hard work on extra time to get this truck in a stable working state.

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