[1.37] International LoneStar Reworked [V1.2 11/06/2020]

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[1.37] International LoneStar Reworked [V1.2 11/06/2020]

#1 Post by FierbetoN » 20 Mar 2020 21:47


This mod aims to add stock parts and improvements to the current gen LoneStar.

Changelog for V1.2
-Engine mod patch updated to V1.1
-Cleaned up the mod internally
-Added DEF tank sizes to chassis defs
-Reworked some UVs
-Improved Magnum Moose Bumper
-Improved 56" Low Rise cabin roof
-Added JOST fifth wheel from Mack Anthem
-A few changes made to dashboard computer related to gear number
-Added many interior details (including new radio) to bring it closer in quality to the Mack Anthem
-Added high beam indicator to start up animation and the other low DEF indicator
-Lights on engine brake and PDL lock switches only come on with ignition
-Added back retarder animation (for engine brake use retarder -/+ buttons):
->Automatic transmission has 3-step "retarder" (only engine brake will be active, except for cruise control where I can't disable the retarder)
->Manual transmission has 1-step "retarder" (same as auto), I used the retarder animation for the switch so it doesn't play on start up anymore (this is until SCS adds a separate animation for engine brake button separate from dash indicator), you can still use engine brake button but the switch in the interior won't move
-A lot of bug fixes and maybe some things I forgot
Some parts might go missing, load profile using g_remove_missing_accessories 1 to avoid errors

Code: Select all

Changelog for V1.1
- Reworked fuel tank sizes and straps, steps added on short chassis
- Chassis equipment improved
- Tweaked torque curves on X15 engines
- Interior windows changed to those found in latest beta version
- Radio decals remade
- Added logo on brake knobs
- Improved visibility of black International logo on steering wheel (shouldn't look like a black hole anymore)
- Slightly reworked Eaton shifter model and cabinets in Lo-Rise sleeper
- Interiors split into Standard and Exclusive variants 
- Modified gear number font - added letter D
- Added TomTom GO Professional 6250 GPS
- Added Magnum Moose Bumper and bug deflector
- Plug under drivers door
- Exterior mirrors replaced with tweaked interior mirrors
- Various fixes

Changelog for V1.0
- 73" High Rise Sleeper with interior and cabin deflector
- 56" Low Rise Sleeper with interior (might be rough in places, I did not find very good pictures of the roof)
- Cabin deflector for Day Cab
- Cummins badge added
- Chassis equipment on short chassis improved (shorter steps, moved air tanks and DEF tank)
- DEF tank is modelled and cover is optional and its size varies based on fuel tank size
- Rear end of chassis is bent
- New 2017 X15 Efficiency and Performance engines (many engines' torque curves are approximations due to lack of information on them, but they are all different and should produce accurate horsepower thanks to Wilson212's tool)
- New Eaton Roadranger, Advantage Manual, Advantage Automatic, Endurant and Ultrashift PLUS transmissions
- Old engines and transmissions "removed" (READ WARNING)
- Many interior material colors reworked
- Gear stick (with different medallions and splitter colors) with clutch pedal or gear column based on transmission, also the dash computer does not have the gear mode on the screen for manual
- Gear column retarder animation is replaced with engine brake animation (as I understand, these trucks don't come with a retarder) 
- Different button configurations (and new buttons) based on cabin (Day Cab/Sleeper), transmission (Manual/Automatic) and trim (Classic/Diamond), 8 in total
- Many smaller interior details (and fixes):
-> New GPS model
-> On Diamond Black Cherry interior, 3rd spare button is replaced with USB and charging port
-> Back panel is different on each trim and detail added
-> Lights on top of sleeper interiors and more round plastic things around each cab interior
-> Groove around trailer brake stick added (its absence has always bugged me :P)
-> Stickers and details the bottom of the seat
- Changed color options to match those found on International configurator
- Side deflectors are a separate accessory
- The part under the Side Flares bar is black and present on sleepers
- More exhaust options on Day Cab and short variants for all cabs
- Double radiants can be added on top of cabin deflectors
- Auxiliary Power Unit option
- New dealer and quick jobs configurations
To keep things organised, I have hidden the old engines and transmissions and named them "XXXXX". If you already own a LoneStar (and the game doesn't crash, it shouldn't), change the engine before doing anything else and they should disappear.
Not compatible with engine mods as is. The engine mod patch makes every transmission compatible with any engine. While not realistic, it allows the use of mods that add engines.

MAIN MOD V1.2 for 1.37

Harven - Eaton shifter base model (from Kenworth W990 mod)
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Re: [WIP] International LoneStar Reworked by FierbetoN [V1.0 2X/03/2020]

#3 Post by ArTrailfanRaf214 » 21 Mar 2020 06:41

Amazing rework mod,i hope you will do the Peterbilt 389 since there isnt a rework on that truck and the coming Freightliner Cascadia 1st gen
FMOD sound modder for ATS and ETS2

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Re: [WIP] International LoneStar Reworked by FierbetoN [V1.0 2X/03/2020]

#4 Post by B787 » 21 Mar 2020 08:23

Nice. :)

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Re: [WIP] International LoneStar Reworked by FierbetoN [V1.0 2X/03/2020]

#5 Post by Bulldog385 » 21 Mar 2020 09:28

Very Nice !! the day cab with the roof shield would look awesome dressed up in a "Labatt's beer" livery, especially if we had a Canadian truck sim game and had "Canadian spread" Axle'd trucks. Sorry even though I'm not Canadian but, I have always loved how they always spec'ced their trucks … even going back to the days of them having R model Macks 8-) Just something about them i've admired about them for years.

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Re: [WIP] International LoneStar Reworked by FierbetoN [V1.0 2X/03/2020]

#6 Post by jianqun » 21 Mar 2020 12:07


Awesome, looking forward to it, thank you for your great work!

Hope the exterior mirrors can also be reworked to make them look three-dimensional like the trucks in ETS2.

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Re: [WIP] International LoneStar Reworked by FierbetoN [V1.0 2X/03/2020]

#7 Post by cp5106 » 21 Mar 2020 13:46

@Bulldog385 Yeah that would be nice, sad how they sold all of their LoneStars. They have LTs now, still with the spread axle set-up.

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Re: [WIP] International LoneStar Reworked by FierbetoN [V1.0 2X/03/2020]

#8 Post by Carm » 21 Mar 2020 14:16

Is it possible to add a silver bug deflector? would be great.

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Re: [WIP] International LoneStar Reworked by FierbetoN [V1.0 2X/03/2020]

#9 Post by Skoot » 21 Mar 2020 15:00

Would be somewhat odd-looking on Lonestar hood, I guess.

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Re: [REL] International LoneStar Reworked by FierbetoN [V1.0 21/03/2020]

#10 Post by FierbetoN » 21 Mar 2020 15:40

Thanks guys :)

@Carm Good idea, I'll add one in a future version.
@jianqun I'll look into that.

First post updated with links :D

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