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Peterbilt 352/362 Project 1.39 (Dec 27)

Should I put an ARI sleeper on this thing? (using it from an older 389 mod)

Yes, add an ARI sleeper!
No, keep the cabs right now.
Could go either way.
Total votes: 42

Geoff G.
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#11 Post by Geoff G. » 27 Mar 2020 08:03

curtisnoble123 wrote:
27 Mar 2020 04:43
sadly im having paint errors
Send a picture of what it looks like in-game or paste what your log/console says

Geoff G.
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#12 Post by Geoff G. » 27 Mar 2020 08:08

ArTrailfanRaf214 wrote:
27 Mar 2020 06:50
Superb mod!The peterbilt 362 was my favourite cabover in 18 WOS Series.@Geoff G. but the engines and transmissions arent accurate,will you add real engines and transmissions?
For 1.36, I'll research what engines are available compared to the real engines the real 352 ran. It'll be a simple process once I match up real engines with current modded ones.
For 1.37, this will take longer since I don't create sounds (I only make the truck compatible with other sound packs) and I'm not running the Beta (mods and backwards compatibility).
When more accurate sounds come out for 1.37's FMOD, I'll make compatible defs for them.

Geoff G.
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#13 Post by Geoff G. » 27 Mar 2020 08:11

selonik wrote:
27 Mar 2020 06:52
Thank you very much for reanimating this mod. I have an old one, I also looked at it and thought maybe it will be updated sometime. We would also like to ask you to add regular chassis to the next update. I like this Pete better in the classic version. Thank you again for your work.
By a regular chassis, do you mean a version that's in between a short and long one? There is a version like that but it's not painted (only black)

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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#14 Post by ChaosZero » 27 Mar 2020 09:26

I thank you for bringing this mod to the current version of the game, but I have to say that I'm midly disappointed with it. As a modder myself, I'm perfectly aware that we're not professionals and thus bugs and whatnot are to be expected until we learn how to fix them. However, looking at this truck makes me wonder if it was tested at all before releasing it, because it sure as hell doesn't look like it was; at least not in 1.36.

This is what I've noticed and is only intended as constructive criticism. Also ignore the unfinished wireframe or the weird color scheme. I was in the process of making my own template for it before I started seeing all the issues. Also, bear in mind that I might be the only one with these issues, as out of 13 posts and 2 pages of discussion so far, I seem to be the only one with some negative things to say about it.

Are the 362 headlights supposed to be missing their front glass? And are the 352 headlights supposed to look as if they are always on?
Other than the aforementioned issue with the painted mirrors (they actually reuse the template in its entirety), the same happens inside the door frame, where you can see it's painting the entire template on them; bonus issue, the interior doesn't match between outside and inside view.
Image Image

I personally don't care for all those stretched/slammed/tuned nonsense a lot of people shove into their mods so I went with the most basic option and the only realistic one, unfortunately the sole mudflaps available sink into the ground, their texture is misplaced (the bottom part of the chromed frame) and a huge misplaced shadow appears behind the truck when selected.

This is probably the biggest issue for me, as when selecting certain parts (namely, the stock trailer cables and the quarter fenders with the Peterbilt logo), this weird texture error starts to appear. It's not static, it flashes violently and it takes up the entire screen. It goes away when picking either a different fender (unfortunately all other options are ugly tuned ones) and/or by picking that other option for the trailer cables (that black gas tank). I've noticed that it happens also inside the cabin and it affects the entire mirrors whenever you move the camera around.
Image Image Image

And lastly, the interior itself. I don't mind the "lowres-siness" of it myself, I'm perfectly aware the mod was made a long time ago, however it seems part of the outside trim for the dash is cutoff, there's that weird black/diagonal texture error on the dash itself and the spokes of the wheel are missing entirely (probably misplaced transparency material settings in the model itself).

I really don't want to go back to that POS that is the Cyrus' stolen version of the 352/362, but unfortunately until this one is sorted out, I might be forced to. Here's hoping it will be fixed in the future. Cheers.

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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#15 Post by Merkava » 27 Mar 2020 11:54

Very thank you for this truck! ;)

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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#16 Post by poozykrem » 27 Mar 2020 19:21

This model affects the original SCS pete 389, just check it and you'll see what's wrong

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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#17 Post by Trucker_lover2 » 27 Mar 2020 19:22

The one only thing I don't like about it is that the steering wheel it doesn't look like it should other than that I love the truck thanks for making it.

Geoff G.
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#18 Post by Geoff G. » 27 Mar 2020 20:27

Thank you for the feedback. To start it off, the weird blue texture glitch you posted hasn't happened to me yet. I'll check in game with the combination you mentioned so I can try to get the same effect.
(Back from the game): I don't get those errors. Your problems are probably caused by your template because all the paintjobs work fine.

I'm assuming you run 1.36. I released the truck in the state it is because there were no jarring problems and paintjob problem seems to be a thing with the your template
I haven't downloaded the beta in fear of profile swapping and until the game officially updates to 1.37, I can't test it. I need 1.37 users to test it for me for right now.

The front glass on the 352 headlights is something that's bothered me too and will be addressed in the next update

The rear stock mudflaps mapping is also something that will be addressed in the next update.

The interior textures can be increased in resolution but the low-polyness of the parts is something beyond the scope of what I can model. I only mess with animation and textures/materials.
The steering wheel problem doesn't happen with me so once again, I cannot help you with that other than wait for the next update (it will include compatibility for Steering Creation's pack and accessories)
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Geoff G.
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#19 Post by Geoff G. » 30 Mar 2020 22:01

A preview for the next update:

(Be sure to change to 1080p quality) ...

List of current things fixed:
- Rear bumper texture fixed
- Chrome textures improved
- Higher Res wood texture for interior
- Lamps and glass on headlights
- New 352 headlights model

- New Detroit and Cummins compatible engines from steam workshop
- Single exhaust
- Under chassis cables
- New chrome hydralic cables
- Traditional bumpers added
- New custom cab
- Removed old painted fenders, added new chrome ones
- Light bars for cabs
- grill mesh
- peterbilt logos
- More to come...

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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#20 Post by Mohammad » 30 Mar 2020 22:04

Definitely an improvement, great work!

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