[1.39] Peterbilt 386 [REL] New Release! 11-15-2020

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[1.39] Peterbilt 386 [REL] New Release! 11-15-2020

#1 Post by rmodjeski » 02 May 2020 18:41

WORKS WITH 1.39.x and LATER versions of ATS

Updated 11-15-2020 (Sunday) UPDATED FOR 1.39.x

Hello all!

After popular request, I've made the Peterbilt 386 project I've had going on the last few years public and as up-to-date as it can get! Granted it's not perfect, but this is the Initial release so the next versions after will continue to improve.

In this mod you will find a readme that helps explain the additional add-ons easier should you want to use them also. There's a lot of features to list, and I know you'll all be excited to drive this truck!


R.Modjeski (sib3rius on Steam, headmaster of project, made lots of parts from scratch, also produced textures)
Colonel (hood and stainless bumper)
SCS (base model, a lot of parts, engine defs)
Colt/Pioneer (a couple visors, fuel tanks, fenders)
Sisl (CB Radio)
Harven (parts)
Tyrone's Booth (skins)
Christian Exe (Tank skirts and step boxes)

Here's a few key points to know about this mod..

-Can be found at Peterbilt dealers and also under "Access Mod Dealer" Issue regarding truck not being found at dealer when using other mods that affect Peterbilt dealer has been fixed!! Now works with other mods as well.
-Made to run either with Robinicus or Krechibaum's sound packs for 1.37.x
-Has a template included!
-Multiple chassis options both stock and painted
-Multiple cab options
-Custom accessory nodes featuring antennas, lights, lightbars, bumpers, tanks, etc
-Based off the SCS Peterbilt 389 so a lot of parts may work for this truck. (except fuel tanks and step boxes)
-Truck and trailer chassis options!




What got fixed in Build 6:

• Updated for 1.39.x to comply with latest sound update (again, SCS??)
• Added headache racks
• Added single axle full fender
• Various teaks


• Integrating colored dash since the gauges are backlit orange IRL
• Separating the entire interior so it's independent and can run alongside other 389 mods (Joel's for example)
• Additonal accessories such as an APU, Frame steps. (You can get add ons later. I'm more concerned with keeping up with the game's nearly monthly updates)

Again, there will be more updates in the future and lots more planned for this truck but I want this first release to be the debut edition to lay the groundwork for future updates.

Under any circumstances you are NOT permitted to re-upload or sell this mod.

Aside from the minor error(s) you may encounter when using this mod, if there's any MAJOR issues that causes the game to crash or affect the mod integrity, please address it to me right away so it can be fixed in the next update!

How to reach me:

Facebook / PayPal (anything helps! Even if it's to buy me a coffee/beer. Or to help offset the Zmod subcriptions)

The latest version can be found here! -> Download latest version here! Fully Fixed For 1.39 <- Build 6

Pete379jp Accessories Compatibility Pack has been separated. Can find it here -> Add-on pack

Current compatible sound mods that work for this truck as of 1.39.x...

Robinicus' Combined engines pack for 1.39

Old link, build 5 for 1.38
Old link, build 4 with 1.38 fix
Old link, build 4 1.37 ONLY
Old link, build 3
Old link, Build 2
Old Link, Initial Release
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Re: [1.37] Peterbilt 386 [REL]

#2 Post by B787 » 02 May 2020 18:42

Wow! Looks interesting! :shock:

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Re: [1.37] Peterbilt 386 [REL]

#3 Post by Larry71490 » 02 May 2020 18:44

Looks great!

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Re: [1.37] Peterbilt 386 [REL]

#4 Post by BK Vissers » 02 May 2020 18:47

How Interesting indeed!

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Re: [1.37] Peterbilt 386 [REL]

#5 Post by Titan » 02 May 2020 19:14

I've got way too many trucks already, but I do love me some Petes.

First world problems...

Mod looks sweet, will download.
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Re: [1.37] Peterbilt 386 [REL]

#6 Post by paulofenoll » 02 May 2020 19:27

Thank you very much sir this truck looks very good and I am going to test it and of course I am going to make several skins for it !!
My passion, the American Trucks ..

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Re: [1.37] Peterbilt 386 [REL]

#7 Post by HRTrucking » 02 May 2020 21:36

Thanks a lot, just downloaded it. Going to try it out. Looks good on the screens you posted.

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Re: [1.37] Peterbilt 386 [REL]

#8 Post by yukonjack_ak » 02 May 2020 22:58

Looks really good! Definitely like the rigid/tanker option!
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Re: [1.37] Peterbilt 386 [REL]

#9 Post by usmc1998 » 03 May 2020 00:19

rmodjeski do you go by Mods82 on mod sites?

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Re: [1.37] Peterbilt 386 [REL]

#10 Post by typical_canadian » 03 May 2020 00:40

can someone explain to me how to put this in game please?

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