[WIP] Vanguard Reefer 1.35

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J. Ritter
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Re: [WIP] Vanguard Reefer 1.35

#21 Post by J. Ritter » 26 Aug 2019 13:27

cjandthebear1 wrote:
26 Aug 2019 03:47
Any chance on seeing a (v1.35) of you MAC custom flatbed trailer, or possibly the Retinouer flatbed? (Not the un-skinable tarp system version of the MAC custom flatbed that's already out.) It's probably an old, modified illegal copy of yours I'd imagine, anyways.
It's still a little ways out from public release, but HFG is working on a Reitnouer.

This Vanguard looks like a great trailer, Dro.
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Jr the king
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Re: [WIP] Vanguard Reefer 1.35

#22 Post by Jr the king » 27 Jul 2020 06:23

Is there anyway to get stock frieght for all your reefer trailers? Because I love your trailers but I can't use them for W.O.T with out the stock frieght

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Re: [WIP] Vanguard Reefer 1.35

#23 Post by LAFAYET47 » 27 Jul 2020 09:22

@Jr the king

You need to go to trailer_defs folder in mod and change the line "body_type" to refrigerated.

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Re: [WIP] Vanguard Reefer 1.35

#24 Post by andreb » 27 Jul 2020 23:36

How do you add the traffic back?

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