Freight Market SCS Turnpike Doubles

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Freight Market SCS Turnpike Doubles

#1 Post by ShatnersBassoon » 23 Nov 2020 18:31

I've made a mod that adds turnpike double versions of the base game trailers to the freight market, and converted some of the models only available as owned trailers to give some more variety to jobs when your garage is too far away.

I've made some updates recently to add more trailer types, so I thought I would advertise it a little now since TPDs are legal in Colorado. There's some interesting routes in there for long trailers!


The full list of added trailers:
  • Dry van, insulated, refrigerated, curtainsider and flatbed: Turnpike double
  • Container carrier: Rocky Mountain and Turnpike doubles
  • Grain hopper: STAA double, TPD and triple
  • Foodtank: STAA, RM and TP doubles, triple, 53' single with steerable axle
  • Dry bulk (cement) trailer: TPD and triple
  • Bottom dumper: TPD and triple
They're available from the trailer selection screen only where the start depot and destination are large enough for them to park, and appear randomly for quick jobs and external contracts like the default trailers.

All credit goes to SCS for the model parts.

Steam Workshop Link

Game version 1.38+ is required for all the trailers, but it's compatible with 1.35 and up.

I also have a mod for Freight Market B-Doubles, I hope someone finds them useful!

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