Wombat Trucker Voice Navigation [1.37]

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Wombat Trucker Voice Navigation [1.37]

#1 Post by ArTrailfanRaf214 » 04 May 2020 14:06

Hi guys this is my first voice navigation mod conversion to FMOD.This voice is of Swedish youtuber Wombat Trucker.With his Permission i have uploaded it here and is in English only but dont worry i`ll upload his Swedish version soon as im a very busy man.This mod works on ETS2 1.37 OB and above.Works on ATS 1.37 as well!
Have fun!

Link: https://sharemods.com/s3j9mybjg1hl/Womb ... S.scs.html

Credits:Wombat Trucker,ArTrailfanRaf214 (conversion for 1.37)
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Re: Wombat Trucker Voice Navigation [1.37]

#2 Post by Wombat Trucker » 04 May 2020 16:47

I approve this message! :lol:
Thanks Ar, Im honored you wanted to keep my old mod alive :D
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