Engine sound mega pack 3.5 date 2021/02/13

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1241 Post by cwat89 » 23 Nov 2020 18:42

mackintosh wrote:
23 Nov 2020 16:05
I'll agree to strongly disagree on that one.

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1242 Post by B.J. McKay » 23 Nov 2020 18:55

The only modders I'd take the time to point out a flaw would be with payware. Every free modder puts in their time for nothing and so regardless of their product, they should be commended. If you don't like it, don't use it, pretty simple. Picking a mod apart, especially in public is in no way going to make them want to get better.

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1243 Post by zippe » 23 Nov 2020 19:31

It is always very easy to criticize others!
Most of the time the people who do this can't do it any better, or they can't do it at all ;)

The new sound is amazing!! Big thx to kriechbaum and Syphon for all that great work! :)

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1244 Post by flight50 » 23 Nov 2020 20:31

@zippe Bingo and that is the funny part. If I have an issue with a mod, I just don't use it. I know I can't do it so why bother the modder. Now on rare occasions I will add input. If they don't respond or bother to answer a question, I just don't use the mod.

So yeah, it really doesn't make sense to criticize a mod just for the heck of it. That is someone's time. Small mod or not, you are using some else's mod that you didn't create. Time is precious and good modders do it for free because they enjoy it. But its very curiosity to donate. I try donate when I can to modders that I truly admire their work. I too believe in compensation for their time and effort and Kreich is definitely on that list. My gameplay is much more enjoyable since I went to sound mods.

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1245 Post by Soilworker78 » 23 Nov 2020 21:04

Hello Kriechbaum and thanks for a really delightful sound mod!

Could you please make a small and easy change to your mod so I don't have to do it myself everytime you update it?

The problem is that your mod doesn't support the GTM Kenworth W900B truck, so I had to unpack your mod, make a folder for it myself and then pack your mod back again to an .SCS-file to make it work with that truck in-game.
In the description it says that it supports the: "Kenworth W990 GTM", but I can't seem to find that specific truck anywhere on Steam or the web. What I do find however is "Harven's edition of Frank Peru's w990" and the "GTM Team Kenworth W900B", so I think a slight confusion has occurred there since it works with the Kenworth W990... :D

Otherwise than that, thanks a lot for your effort and dedication to this mod and making our trucking experience in-game so much more close to real life! Keep it up man!

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1246 Post by Grizzly » 23 Nov 2020 21:24

The other thing is Robinicus contributed a lot to the FMOD discovery and documentation from a modders perspective, dissing him is really stupid.

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1247 Post by Bandit & The Snowman » 23 Nov 2020 22:45

While he did and does, that may not be the point. He was not dissing him but saying he doesn't like the sounds in his mod. That's not the same.

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1248 Post by room217au » 24 Nov 2020 01:18

Kriechbaum kindly gave me a copy of the X15 to try out.
I set the Truck Exhaust slider to 75% and the turbo slider to about 40% (all other truck noises at 50% as suggested) and dropped it in my KW hauling machine parts from Vegas to Steamboat Springs, CO in a 53ft trailer.
When I was given the engine to try, Kriechbaum said "Try the X15. It's a nice engine."
Nope. It's a salivating, growling animal. It'll pull ya mother-in-law right off the buffet. It's glorious.
Still a couple of little tweaks to go, but shouldn't be too long now for public release.
Once again, this guy just leaves everyone else in a dust trail.
Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts.. do.

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1249 Post by Deltatristar500 » 24 Nov 2020 02:38

How's them Jake's on the X15?

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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

#1250 Post by SYPHON » 24 Nov 2020 04:19

@Deltatristar500 I have just finished testing what we think is going to be release version. I won't ruin the surprise but the jakes are also recorded from a real sound source just as the engine sounds I recorded from my truck for this mod, you won't be disappointed

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