Minor Sign Issues [FIXED]

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Minor Sign Issues [FIXED]

#1 Post by Xaagon » 29 May 2016 20:12

In Kingman there's at least one sign pointing to "California State" that doesn't fit well on its sign in its current font size:

California State doesn't fit well on sign at Kingman ; [29/05/2016 13:25] (sec-0010+0005);-38995.7;17.3271;21635.5
bug_20160529_132559_-38996_17_21636.gif (155.79 KiB) Viewed 1145 times
I think this occurs also at Kingman's other exit. Also note in this photo there's a floating freeway entrance sign (I already reported that under the wrongly placed stop signs thread).

Further up AZ highway 66 at the Machinery company, there's a stop sign on the pavement. It's fine that there is a stop sign here, but it should be placed just outside of the pavement. Where it is now makes right turns with trailers overly difficult:

Stop sign on pavement at Flagstaff ; [29/05/2016 13:52] (sec-0009+0005);-35404.4;14.9676;21041.6
bug_20160529_135257_-35404_15_21042.gif (141.65 KiB) Viewed 1145 times

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Re: Minor Sign Issues

#2 Post by San_Sany4 » 20 Aug 2016 02:43

In the problem is still there.
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Re: Minor Sign Issues

#3 Post by Loutis » 05 Sep 2016 08:52

Ahoy lads !

These issues are known and have been fixed in rescaled map.
Thanks for report !
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