4-Way Left-Turning AI Stalemate

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Re: 4-Way Left-Turning AI Stalemate

#11 Post by plykkegaard » 03 Aug 2016 06:50

I have seen it more than a couple of times at random places both in ATS and ETS2, I either drive around or reset the AI, case closed
Funny thing you can speed a little and get ahead of the AI spawning and road will be clear, if you hesitate for a second you're locked
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Re: 4-Way Left-Turning AI Stalemate

#12 Post by Smarty » 04 Aug 2016 03:05

Perhaps that's my trouble; I've been driving pretty casually when it's happened.

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Re: 4-Way Left-Turning AI Stalemate

#13 Post by Tiger313 » 04 Aug 2016 10:55

I've been playing ETS2 and now ATS, and I think that AI behaviour has significantly improved over the years. Formerly you would see cars come from the left plowing straight into your flank, cars stopping in the middle of a motorway when approaching an off-ramp, etc. Encountering unexpected behaviour from AI traffic may be annoying, but you try drive around in Amsterdam (or any big city will do) for a day and you'll see that you have to be prepared for ANYthing in traffic.

I have actually come across several instances where I approached an intersection and traffic wouldn't move. Not being first in line, I sat here watching my screen for 5 minutes, got a cup of coffee, sat back down for a minute and decided to just veeery gently push the car in front of me so I could get on the opposing direction lane, bypassing the traffic jam. Occasionally that has backfired too: traffic started moving just as I was about to clear the queue, or pushed too hard and got a fine. Sure made things interesting. Heard a lot of honking horns and I imagine many an AI bird was flipped. :mrgreen:

On an unrelated note: anyone notice that the retarder light on the dashboard of the Kenworth T680 (seems to be located in the air pressure gauge) doesn't come on? It does on the W900's instrument panel. Wonder if that's intentional? I find it odd.

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