Fall Through Terrain

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Fall Through Terrain

#1 Post by Colefrick » 22 Aug 2016 23:32

So, today i found out that at FlagStaff, there's a nice median that doesn't actually exsist, here it is.

I've included 3 screenshots, 1 of the incident, 2 map views.

Try avoiding this area if you wish to keep your truck...

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =749957131

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =749957309

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =749957349

Hopefully someone can fix this quickly, because i really didn't expect this to happen in NON BETA.


Just an explanation with a list of answers to what some may ask.
  • No Terrain / Map Mods
  • No Truck Body Mods
  • No speed mods
  • Generally no major game altering mods other than reskins.
  • Has been tested on clean profiles
Please read viewtopic.php?f=10&t=213689 & viewtopic.php?f=40&t=16653
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Re: [BE WARNED] Fall Through Terrain

#2 Post by Axel Slingerland » 23 Aug 2016 04:32

Assuming all this is the same in ATS as it is in ETS2, post a copy of your game.log.txt file, and a copy of your game.crash.txt if your game has crashed. If the logs are too large to fit in one message you can use Pastebin.com to post them. Unless you have installed the game in a non-standard way (such as using "-homedir"), or don't use Windows, here's where you'll find these files:

Windows XP:
C:\My Documents\American Truck Simulator\game.log.txt
C:\My Documents\American Truck Simulator\game.crash.txt

Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10:
C:\Users\**Your User Name**\Documents\American Truck Simulator\game.log.txt
C:\Users\**Your User Name**\Documents\American Truck Simulator\game.crash.txt
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Re: [BE WARNED] Fall Through Terrain

#3 Post by room217au » 23 Aug 2016 06:36

I just drove out to that location and took a screenshot.
Maybe it's my eyes, but my vanilla map of beta 1.4 looks radically different to your 1.3 map
Either SCS have inadvertently fixed it and don't realise they did - and added a bunch of vegetation and stuff, or you're using a map mod.

Can't reproduce, sorry.

looking south

looking north

map location
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Re: [BE WARNED] Fall Through Terrain

#4 Post by Smarty » 23 Aug 2016 07:13

I also drove out there, and spent a lot of time swerving on and off the road, all over the median, and was unable to reproduce this. v1.4.0.1

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Re: [BE WARNED] Fall Through Terrain

#5 Post by IonutL » 23 Aug 2016 11:03

Checked on version, i've not encountered any problem. It would have been easier if we had the coordinates.

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Re: [BE WARNED] Fall Through Terrain

#6 Post by room217au » 23 Aug 2016 11:31

Loutis has said that mp coordinates are .. difficult right now as in-house maps for ATS are being re-scaled?
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Re: [BE WARNED] Fall Through Terrain

#7 Post by Loutis » 05 Sep 2016 08:49

I did said that yea, but its not that it is hard to get them, it is a problem that they are useless to us since those coordinates throw you into distant galaxy far far away.

So we want map screen more than coords currently (that will change after rescale is released of course).

But sir senpai OP, could you make a video of this whole incident ? I am unable to reproduce it and I am afraid that none of us is, could you upload a video and give us your game.log ?
That would help us a lot, thank anyway !
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Re: Fall Through Terrain

#8 Post by DragonSpirit » 26 May 2017 13:36

Not sure if anyone noticed but when i have this mod enabled since last small update of ATS i have on several locations i fall through the map.
Once this mod is disabled I do not have the problem.

It doesnt seem to make sense but log also shows no errors but yet i keep going down under the map floating and spinning.

Have tried on clean profile and only this mod enabled with the other part that is needed. It goes under ground / of the map. Turn the addon (this mod off) and no more going under ground / of the map.

Hope maker has time to perhaps look or give suggestions as to why this happens.

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