Wrong direction on I-10 sign (Highway)

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Wrong direction on I-10 sign (Highway)

#1 Post by Avegooday » 24 Aug 2016 01:16

Driving from Phoenix to LA, I noticed that 2 of the signs on the highway (I-10) indicate East when in fact I'm going West. Others signs before and after those 2 points are OK.


The coordinates of those signs are:
LA-Carlsbad_E1 ; [23/08/2016 20:28] (sec-0011+0006);-42686.5;-21.6748;24814
LA-Carlsbad_E2 ; [23/08/2016 20:29] (sec-0011+0006);-43076;-21.6688;24993.1

I have reduced a bit the resolution and the quality of the original images to get smaller files to upload but they are available if you need them or additional details.

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Re: Wrong direction on I-10 sign (Highway)

#2 Post by Loutis » 05 Sep 2016 08:40


thanks for report !

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