Kenworth W900 6 Speed Gearbox

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Kenworth W900 6 Speed Gearbox

#1 Post by The Imaginative Lad » 07 Sep 2016 15:39


Map not required, can happen anywhere on the map. Sometimes reproducible.

I've only done this in the Kenworth W900 with the 6-speed gearbox in automatic mode, I've not tried other truck+gearbox configurations.
When in reverse gear, accelerate while holding the brake pedal, if you then pump the brake pedel you eventually go forward while reverse is selected.

Version: 1.3.X, 64 bit

Game Log - Note this profile does have a plugin enabled: Logit. I have tested this on a clean profile and game before and it does do the same thing, this is the only time I've got round to reporting it.

I've not tested this on the new 1.4.X update released today.

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