No reflection of the truck [NOT A BUG]

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Re: No reflection of the truck [NOT A BUG]

#31 Post by IonutL » 14 Nov 2016 12:59

Regarding San_Sany4 first point, i agree also with it. It's really weird to see the road texture and road markings reflected on the interior of the sun shield while it's also possibly affecting the performance of the game.
First reflects just the road, while in the second one the road line appears.

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Re: No reflection of the truck [NOT A BUG]

#32 Post by Max » 14 Nov 2016 20:27

what costs time is rendering of the reflection. its usage is almost free.
our vehicle artists should check material and type of reflection it is using.
completely static reflection may not work because of windows, terrain and sky that can change drastically (eg day vs night).
chrome air filters are example of extremely problematic part as they are one that cannot be drawn acceptably without reflection.
but we are working on some possibilities. thanks.
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