hitting invisable barrier while driving

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hitting invisable barrier while driving

#1 Post by firestu » 01 Jun 2014 16:47


I am playing the UK truck simulator, I am driving to Edingbugh to pick up a load, I have just left the services after glasgow, As i am pulling out on to the road, I am hitting a invisbale barrier that wont allow my truck to drive any further, other vehicles are able to contiune on there journeys as normal, any help will be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance
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Re: hitting invisable barrier while driving

#2 Post by rony albert » 08 Apr 2017 11:06

It seems difficult to give any advice in this scenario!

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Re: hitting invisable barrier while driving

#3 Post by ohaha » 08 Apr 2017 11:50

can you use the developer camera to go beyond it?

btw, a screenshot with the exact location on the map would be helpful

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Re: hitting invisable barrier while driving

#4 Post by Reinhard » 08 Apr 2017 12:27

There aren't too many UKTS players here. Game is from early 2010, this forum became alive end of 2012, a while after the time ETS 2 got public. Most community-forums which actively supported UKTS gaming and modding are history, now.

ETS 2 is the first SCS game that receives a several-year long patch/update support. Better don't expect a new patch for UKTS. According to the UKTS site, last patch was 1.32.

I never played UKTS. But an earlier game than that, ETS 1, supported truck teleportation already. Probably UKTS has it as well. That could help getting you behind the wall. If it works, it is the same than now with ETS 2: Enable developer console, choose free cam, move to where you want to go, hit F9. Can't help with details. Only one hint: save your game before you play with this trick.

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