Comparing UKTS and ETS2 scenery

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Comparing UKTS and ETS2 scenery

#1 Post by rsitaly » 30 Sep 2013 21:39


I'm interested in driving in UK so I have 2 possibilities:

1) open a new profile in ETS2 working only on UK while my old profiles is good for the whole Europe


2) buy a copy of UKTS (it is a cheap game now ... yes the graphics is not comparable to ETS2 but for me it is good anyway)

Reading another post here I read that the UKTS maps are featured in ETS2 ... I suspected this because the road network of UKTS is the same as in ETS2 but I'd like to know if the SCENERY of UKTS is more extended to the ETS2 one for UK ... I mean that looking at the videos seems that UKTS has a bigger and detailed scenery for UK than ETS2; can you clarify me this point?

As always, thanks in advance!


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Re: Comparing UKTS and ETS2 scenery

#2 Post by joe_alker » 03 Oct 2013 15:19

Most of the UK ETS2 map is UKTS, except for a few new roads and changes, and obviously the ferry terminals. UKTS graphics are a bit naff, and it lags like crazy on most computers. You need a more powerful computer to run UKTS than ETS2. However, there is some gameplay differences, where you start off as an employed driver in either Sheffield, Plymouth or Felixstowe, and you are allocated a truck and some jobs. I always liked this gameplay mechanic.
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Re: Comparing UKTS and ETS2 scenery

#3 Post by Baja_002 » 03 Oct 2013 15:25

Well I like older games that offer more options that are not included in ETS 2 but the physics and realism of the driving in ETS 2 is from another planet compared to older games. I choose ETS 2, perhaps there will be some mod covering only UK just like there is for Romania.

Maybe you can download demo (if there is one) for UK simulator and see how it works and do you like it.

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