View moving after leaving photo mode [36135]

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Re: Photo Menager Mause control bug

#11 Post by TarsoMagno » 07 Mar 2017 19:53

Already known and under inverstigation, thanks!

QA 36135

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Camera Bug after Screenshot-Manager [36135]

#12 Post by GerScaniaTrucker » 11 Mar 2017 12:31


Strange, nobody else encountered that bug...

However, when playing keyboard + mouse steering control, after visiting the Scrrenshot-Manager, you encounter this:
You can see before going to the screenshot manager, all are right, and the camera don't move, when moving the steering wheel.
After visiting the Screenshot-Manager the camara as well turn with your steering wheel and it's quite impossible or hard to drive then, for sure. ^^
Only a reload of the profile or save-game solve this, but if you go again to the Screenshot-Manager it becomes the same problem.

It's not really possible to describe this bug with single screenshots, because it happens during moving the mouse, so I think a video is the best way to show this out.

Anyway, I took one screenshot of my control settings:



Game version: 64-bit

Always reproducible, not dependend from your location or truck. (Tested it too with other trucks)

I don't know if ATS have the same problem, but it could be. (Didn't checked it.)

If I forgot something, just tell me then.

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Photo Studio and keyboard+mouse steering [FIXED]

#13 Post by SilvaTrucker » 14 Mar 2017 22:02

I still don't have game-log and any proof, but I found something that is annoying me..

I use the mouse+keyboard to drive. And, when I take a shot with the Photo Studio, I come back to the game and when I move the mouse as I always do to change the steering, the camera also moves. :?

I will upload the game-log soon.
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Re: View moving after leaving photo mode [36135]

#14 Post by Cadde » 14 Mar 2017 23:58

Merged several related topics.
Please use the report feature in the future.

SCS peeps, you can merge too. You should have the power. ;)
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